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I have written nearly 2000 pieces on India since 1999. In the following compilation, I have pulled about 50 articles on Modi and my commentary on his reckless policies.

Let it be clear, a majority of Hindus (~ 63%) do not support Modi, he got elected by a solid block of voters 37% – whereas no other party had such a block.

You will never hear Salaam, Happy Eid, or Merry Christmas from individuals who come out of RSS Madrasas. They are afraid to utter these words as if they would become a Muslim or a Christian. They don’t understand the meaning and purpose of the greetings – i.e., a sincere wish to connect with the other.  Mr. Modi is a product of the RSS -Madrasa.

A full profile of Modi is in the writing. It will be titled “Modi’s Predictable Character

An overwhelming majority of Indians comprising Hindus, Muslims, Sikhs, Christians and others are pluralistic in their attitudes, and their religions are not a barrier for them. They see the humanity in the other person with similar aspirations for living a life, taking care of the family, earning a living, and living peacefully with neighbors.

Mr. Modi was never trained to be inclusive. He was raised to believe that Hindus are a superior race, and all others are his enemies and have no place on ‘his’ land. He claims that he left the luxuries of life to serve the people; in reality, it is his lust for controlling others that made him abandon his family and seek power. What does he know what a family is about? Modi’s governance is essentially a one-person rule, also known as fascism. You can understand him if you had an old man in your family or neighborhood who terrorized every one with his whims. A full article is coming up as a profile of Modi soon.

The RSS (Rashtriya Swayam Sevak) has shaped Modi’s attitudes. As Indians who want to be free from control freaks, we have to look into our education system, particularly the private schools, do they pit one Indian against the other, or encourage harmony? Is that good for India?

A majority of Indians have come out of secular schools, schools where there was no distinction between anyone, we played, ate, and rode the bus together. However, I am ashamed of our culture that many among us believe in the rotten caste system, that the Dalits are born inferior and must remain inferior. The Dalits have endured humiliation and continue to be mistreated and discriminated against. It is time for the Hindu majority to take their religion back from these fake saviors who are terrorizing fellow Indians – Hinduism does not need saviors, it is a continuous tradition of nearly 10,000 years. These men come and go, Hinduism will continue, it is an eternal way of life.

Anti-India nonsense

A few Indians among us are stupid to the core. If someone criticizes the current politicians who run the Indian government, the stupids scream out loud – Anti-Indian. The same idiots have relentlessly criticized the politicians of the previous government, would that make them anti-Indian? Hell, no!

Criticizing the government is the right thing to do, to keep them on their toes and prevent them from making mistakes. Indeed, it is very patriotic to criticize the men and women who run the government, they come and go.

I will not tolerate anyone criticizing my motherland, India. It is a great nation and will continue to be, and I will defend her any time and every time, but not the dirty politicians who come and go. Modi will destroy the nation and I sincerely hope his cult members recognize this now before it is too late.


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Mike Ghouse is a thinker, author, speaker, newsmaker, and an interfaith wedding officiant. His new book American Muslim Agenda is available on Amazon, coming up are books on Human Rights and Pluralism. He is committed to building cohesive societies and offers pluralistic solutions on issues of the day. His information is at linked-in.

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