India is redeemable

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Evil exists in the world, not because of evil people, but because good people do nothing about it. I am urging good people to speak up, that is all it takes.

You must have watched Tigers chasing a herd of Buffaloes – they run like crazy, ultimately the tiger will get one of them. You must have also seen four or five Buffaloes turn around and face the tiger, and the Tiger takes a back step, then the Buffaloes run towards him and the Tiger takes a hike.

Since Modi became the Prime Minister of India, an incredible amount of hotshot TV anchors have emerged, who spew endless amounts of hate, causing social discord. If this continues unchecked it will bring chaos to society, where no one will trust the other. It will bring instability to India and that will stop the foreign investment bringing the economic engine of India to a grinding halt. Which will bring a major economic disaster, the people who enjoyed prosperity in the last twenty years stand to lose everything they have gained.

Indeed, India is redeemable. All it takes is for the CEO’s to speak out against the destructive trends.

Israeli Professor speaks up

Rahul Kanwal is perhaps #2 hate monger in India, he got an Israeli Professor hoping he will pour kerosene on his hatred, but the Professor is an intellectual, and he spoke up, shutting this hate monger to shut up.

What a shame.#Israeli author & historian Yuval Noah Harari left #RahulKanwal red faced.

Posted by Muhammad Suhail Dar on Tuesday, April 14, 2020

Ambassador Sam Brown Back Spoke!

Saba Naqvi talks sense – she means those who hate, not all Indians.

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