Ghouse on India’s Supreme Court

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Good News Item for IRF/ Round Table date August 2, 2022: The Chief Justice of India’s Supreme Court, Mr. Ramana, is retiring this month. He rendered a significant judgment on his way out that restores faith and hope in India’s justice system, even though it is not perfect. I hope Justice Ramana would correct the Modi admin’s reckless removal of article 370, enacting disgusting CAA, and imposing a Sales Tax on food items.   

When the fact checker Journalist Zubair was released after 27 days in Jail for tweeting a movie poster meem, the prosecutor demanded that Zubair should not tweet anymore against the government. Justice Ramana countered him and said some to the effect, ‘He is a journalist, and he can tweet whatever he wants; he has that freedom.’ And no journalists should be arrested for their work. We all should celebrate this, which is a step in the right direction. We hope and pray the next Justice will follow in his footsteps – to stick to India’s wise constitution.

Three years ago, on Aug 5, 2019, the Modi government removed article 370, stripping the freedom of the people of the State of Kashmir without their consent, and I spoke out strongly against it in the IRF forum here. The Kashmiri people are still living in apprehension, there is a brutal Indian military presence on their land – 1 army man for every 9 citizens. I hope and pray, that justice will be served to them. Justice denied to anyone is justice denied to everyone (MLK).

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