Dangers to Israel and the United States

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Every ‘thinking’ human should understand this interview with Col. Douglas McGregor; he lays out a clear path that does not include war but solutions. I can’t believe Tucker Carlson is calm and collected and got the best interview out of the Colonel. 

I urge my friends to see and read different points of view to get the whole picture; those Jews who do not see the Palestinian perspective and those Muslims who do not see the Jewish perspective are short-changing themselves. You can disagree with me, but you can’t discount.

The bloodthirsty warmongers among us are excited to get the momentary satisfaction and compromise on the future of Israel, Palestine, and the U.S. The lives of all people should matter if we have an ounce of humanity left in us. Let’s shed our short-sighted thinking and genuinely look for the security of Israel and Justice for the Palestinians; one will not happen without the other.

Netanyahu has consistently lied to us about Iraq and Iran and made us jump the hoops to kill others and get our soldiers killed. He also told us to support Mubarak of Egypt; thank God Obama had the guts to reject him and instead asked Mubarak to step down. Had Obama not done that, the Egyptians and us would have a repeat of the Iranians and us. The Egyptians respected us, knowing we were not with their tyrant Mubarak but with them. Obama saved our relationship with them, and it was good for Israel in particular and the U.S. in general. I have no idea why our dumb, warmonger presidents obey Netanyahu and bring destruction to us, the Americans, and Israel in the long run. What is their fear to do the right thing?

Security for Jews and Palestinians should be our motto and keep us from piling up guilt. I hope our president repeats this mantra whenever he opens his mouth instead of supporting death and destruction. He has nothing to lose, but Israelis and Palestinians lose their lives.

God gave animals horns, paws, and Jaws to settle their disputes by sometimes killing each other, and gave us a tongue to dialogue. We can live in peace and security if we do that at every cost. We must resist these brainless men and start a campaign called “Dialogue, not Destruction.” 

To my Jewish friends, yes, I have condemned Hamas and also condemned Israel for killing civilians. I have shared all that I have written in my emails. I need to put that down here on the website when I get some time.

Video segments

(2:00) Col. Douglas Macgregor

(4:20) Threats to the homeland

(6:12) Iran & its missiles

(13:00) Going into Gaza

(19:40) American hostages

(22:45) Impact on the American economy

VIDEO: https://x.com/tuckercarlson/status/1716574971206500570?s=48&t=xVaC2K0F6CDTkuSuzbYC2w

Mike Ghouse is a social scientist, a pluralist, and an interfaith wedding officiant. He offers pluralistic solutions to the media and the public on issues of the day.


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