Right-wing Indians and India’s Future

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Mike Ghouse

First of all, they do not represent the values of India, Indians, Hindus, and Hinduism. They will spend time and energy to ally with extremists elsewhere on the earth, including France, the US, and Israel. Even though they are not the majority, they are merely 36% but a solid group. There is no other group in India that is even 25% solid; we are all scattered into divisions. We have to come together for the common good of 100% of Indians. 

If they look at the best model success of a nation, where there is generally the rule of law, people feel secure, and everyone lives a higher standard of life – that is, America. The majority of Indians do want to emulate America, but the rock-solid 36% is preventing them. 

A divided nation will never bring prosperity to most people; some will get rich, no doubt, but that would not be you; they would be Modi’s friends like Adani, Ambani, and their likes. 

I wish they remove their hatred for India’s Muslims and Christians and make India a strong nation. They are hurting mother india and weakening her. Sadly, they are misguided by the BJP politicians lusting for power. We must do our best to see the big picture of an incredible India, together; as Indians, we can shape India to be a great nation. All of us would be the beneficiaries.  

“While Macron’s statement has inflamed the Muslim world, the Hindu nationalists of India have openly come out in his support.” What a shame! Do they want to support fellow Indians or not? All the Muslims are asking is not to denigrate their Prophet; what is wrong with that? 

Hindutva is not Hinduism https://centerforpluralism.com/hindutva-is-not-hinduism/ 

Mike Ghouse
The Ghouse Diary 
Washington, DC 

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