Can we counter misinformation about India?

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Washington Post, “Covert Indian operation seeks to discredit Modi’s critics in the U.S.”

It is one of the most extended reports on the ugly business of disinformation. I urge every passionate Indian who cares about correcting the false narratives by the “Disinformation Lab” to read this article. 

It is a wholesale operation to destroy critics of Modi, Christians, Muslims, Dalits, and Sikhs (they added Buddhists to the list recently). Their goal is to paint these groups as anti-Indian and goading the Hindutva forces (Nothing to do with Hindus or Hinduism) to lynch, burn, and reduce these people to 2nd class citizens and deprive them of all citizenship rights.

If these men spent the same time and money building a cohesive India where we got along and focused on development, India would be a more progressive nation. India has a vast potential to be a great nation when all its citizens produce instead of scheming to reduce fellow Indians into destitution.

I know a few Indians here in Washington who spread false information produced by the likes of Robert Spencer and the infamous Indian IT cells. They don’t even read it when I respond to them but keep sending similar stuff. Imagine innocent Hindus who may swallow all that material and hate fellow Indians and live in tension or apprehension. The good news is that most Indians of all traditions are common sense good people and do not buy into the divisive propaganda. We must find true freedom and live a happier life.

There is a way out if we, the caring Indians, create centers to bust false information with correct information. Let’s become the promoters of goodwill and build a cohesive India, an India where everyone focuses on development rather than devastation. 

We must passionately contribute our time and money and create a corporation to dispel myths. 

Mike Ghouse cares about the well-being of Indians and India.

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Washington Post –

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