Dirty Politics Of Farms Laws in India

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I welcome the revocation of the stupid farm laws by Modi, which were designed to appease his masters.

However the repeal was not a course correction, it was to take the farmers away from opposition, and bring them to his side, to win the elections in UP and PUNJAB.

What an evil politics!

Modi needs to revoke the CAA and restore religious freedom in India including Kashmir.

He needs to tell the nation that he will not felicitate the lynchers, murderers, and rapists, but will punish them to the max the law allows. Muslims and Christians will have their freedom back. As a part of praischit (repentance) for his crimes he encouraged silently, he will visit Mosques and churches to sincerely earn sab ka Vishwas.

None of the acts and things he initiated worked, he needs to bring aboard people who can say no to his wild ideas, and give good advice to run a Democratic Republic of India.

No matter how criminal minded he and his gang is, the death of 2000 Indians, 200 plus lynchings, and other crimes he seek forgiveness and Muslims and Christians are generous and will forgive him. I’ll still pray that his empty slogan sab ka saath become a reality.


Mike Ghouse

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