Indians Caring for Each Other

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I believe good will triumph, of course, after a lot of sacrifices made by the haters and the hated both. Goodness will triumph is a corollary to Satyameva Jayate – i.e., Truth will triumph. Amidst the hate-spewing by Modi Media, Amit Shah’s trolls, and rampant hate-mongering, there is a lot of good news.

Muslims, in general, are to be appreciated and Indian Muslims in particular, are to be praised for their forbearance, patience, and kindness – despite enduring uncertainty and insecurity. We sincerely pray that God bears them the fruit, as he did when Prophet Muhammad (pbuh) was pelted with stones, and he prayed for them instead, and at the end, they regretted and came to him with goodness.

Here are the good stories from India, it’s an open link and we can add more stories.

Humanities Heroes during the Corona crisis video funded by Frank Islam Foundation

Muslims perform the last rites of a Hindu govt. official in Chennai

If a person expires due to corona the condition is more pathetic for relatives who are not even allowed to see the face of the deceased. In these circumstances, Ramachandran (78) a retired Joint Director of the School education department of the Government of Tamil Nadu and a resident of Govindan street, Collector Colony, Aminjakarai in Anna Nagar Constituency Chennai passed away on 11.04.2020 due to heart attack.

Muslims are taking actions against ISIS’ terror to secure Sikhs

How Hindus helped Muslims, Muslims helped Hindus during the Delhi riots
Delhi riots saw gut-wrenching violence which left over 40 people dead and 200 injured. But it also highlighted the spirit of love and harmony between different religious communities, which puts India above hate.

Muslims help Hindus during Mahashivaratri
Aligarh (UP), Mar 11 (ANI): Muslims in Aligarh town of Uttar Pradesh have for long remained the crusaders of tranquility and harmony in the town for they have been instrumental in the successful celebrations of all the festivals, cutting across religious lines. They not only participate in the festivals but also been assisting their fellow brethren in the smooth and successful conduct of religious events.
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Muslims help rebuild an 80-year-old Hindu Temple in Pulwama
Video –

Religious zeal shattered Delhi’s lives and dreams. Religious zeal is now picking up the pieces, too

This Sikh Man Rescued Dozens Of Delhi Riot Victims On His Motorbike
Mohinder Singh took exceptional steps to ensure the safety of residents in one of the worst-hit neighborhoods in the Delhi Riots.

How Hindus saved lone Muslim family from rioters
They were the only Muslim family in Madhuban mohalla in north-east Delhi

Rajasthan: Muslim neighbours perform last rites of Hindu man during lockdown
A Hindu man, who died due to prolonged illness in Jaipur on Monday, was cremated by his Muslim neighbours.

Muslims help perform last rites of a Hindu woman in Indore
Durga Bai died and no one wanted to bury her

Mumbai – Muslims help perform last rites of Hindu neighbour amid coronavirus lockdown
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Jaipur – Muslims conduct Hindu man’s funeral rites

India’s Sikhs offer help to Muslim victims of New Delhi ethnic violence
Twitter users praised the Sikh community for actively helping riot victims

Muslim leaders express solidarity with Sikhs over gurdwara attack in Kabul

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