I am 72 today, thanks to all of you.

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The Navkar Mantra of Jainism and Sura Rahman of the Quran inspire me to write this note of gratitude to get me reach my new milestone today. Many religions and great souls like Prophet Muhammad, Jesus, Gandhi, Buddha, Krishna, MLK, Mother Teresa, Jimmy Carter, and others influence each of my days.

  1. Thanks to the creator for giving me a good life
  2. Thanks to my parents and family, who gave me an excellent beginning 
  3. Thanks to my sister Dilshad for the best sister anyone could ask for
  4. Thanks to my two kids, their spouses, and their grandkids, who are my joy
  5. Thanks to my wife Fatima for being the best life partner I could ever ask
  6. Thanks to Everett Blauvelt for being a father figure to me
  7. Thanks to my friends AbuSaleh Shariff, Adil Khan, Zafar Iqbal, Indrajit Saluja, OS Modgil, Andra Baylus, and Charles Stevenson, 
  8. Thanks to my friends for their great friendships; there are many to thank! 
  9. Thanks to my mentors for guiding me through life
  10. Thanks to Dr. Amer Suleman, Late Dr. Hind Jarrah, Dr. Basheer Ahmed, Dr. Nauman Anwar, Dr. Harbans Lal, Rev. Bill Matthews, and others for being a good guide. 
  11. Thanks to my Doctors, Nurses, and Techs for keeping me going
  12. Thanks to my passion for Pluralism that gives purpose to my life
  13. Thanks to the couples I have officiated marriages, they are good to me
  14. Thanks to all my Facebook, LinkedIn, Instagram, and other friends.   
  15. Thanks to all my bosses for giving me good guidance
  16. Thanks to all my teachers for putting me on the right path.
  17. Thanks to everyone who has uplifted me throughout my life.
  18. The list is too long to thank, but they know I appreciate them, and I know and see them each time I think of them.  

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