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Modi is a traitor to Mother India; he destroys the relations between her sons and daughters by painting some as demons to get votes. He is power-hungry and nothing but that. I hope the 33% of Indians who support him see India’s bleak future with Modi at the helm.

Thank God, the majority of Hindus, indeed 67% of Indian Hindus, were not persuaded by the communal agenda of BJP. Still, he has polarized a few Hindus, and we are likely to see communal riots in the next few months. I hope Mamta handles them for any wrongdoing in disturbing communal harmony.

BJP thrives not on creating jobs, health facilities, and clean water but by ratting up marginal Hindus to look to their fellow Indians as their enemy – the Muslims.

I grew up amidst Hindu families; all my father’s close friends were Hindus (I wouldn’t say I like to use the word Hindu or Muslim but to make the point). Some of them have turned communal, and it saddens me.

BJP has sowed the seeds of hate in Bengal. I am so glad Tamil Nadu and Kerala rejected BJP and Bengal knocked them out. I feel sorry about the people of Assam.

Here is an interview about Bengal victory https://www.telegraphindia.com/amp/india/west-bengal-assembly-elections-2021-prashant-kishor-mamata-banerjees-chief-political-strategist-had-put-his-career-on-the-line-with-a-public-dare-made-last-december/cid/1814352?__twitter_impression=true

The opinion is my own.

Mike Ghouse

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