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The intellectual assessment by Rahul Gandhi is realistic, I like that, but it will not work at this time. We are fighting the mighty empire with Pitbulls unleashed, the false charges, fake encounters, threats to families, and those ugly tactics are in play to silence every Indian who speaks out.

What we need in India is rabble-rousers and great orators who can move the audience, who can shout slogans in unison, like, “Lock her up – Lock her up,” or “Modi Modi Modi.” But, better slogans like “Bharat Hamara hai,” “Azaadi,” and Government of the people by the people with malice towards none.

Intellectual discourse is meaningless in India now; we have gone beyond that point. Hitler did not believe in dialogue; Modi doesn’t either. The story is the same here in the United States. They have a Golden statue of Trump at the C-Pac Meeting, and Modi has mercilessly erased Sardar Patel’s name on the stadium and put his name on it. They all want to be the next Gods.

Rahul is right; only mass peaceful agitations can bring sanity, economic stability, and social coherence to India. The Shaheen Bagh and the Farmers protest are good examples of restoring democracy.

We need to rise and not take the abuse and lose all the rights to freedom. On my part, I will do my share of work, and I am not going to sit idle and do nothing; I will work with the Senate and Congress to get them to speak up.

India is our motherland and ally of our homeland, and it is in our interests to keep that relationship healthy.

Each of us wants India to be the great nation it was a decade ago, and we have to do our share of the work. We cannot let our motherland go down the tube.

Mike Ghouse

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