CAA, Modi And Shah

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Has anyone questioned them that there are 100 Million nomadic tribes in India? They don’t have an address, no ration card, and no adhaar or ID card. They don’t even have birth certificates. Are they going to be booted out of India? To where? They belong to the land as Muslims and Christians who have been around in India for nearly 1300 and 2000 years, respectively. They are all sons and daughters of the soil.

Modi and Shah thought they could get rid of Muslims from Assam but found out that there were equal Hindus without birth certificates. The bullies did not care, and they had no respect for laws.

So the laws are presumably disgustingly discriminative against Muslims and Christians.

Indian Americans who are Modi bhakts are a shameful lot – they want the US to give them all protections against discrimination. Yet, they support such discriminatory laws against minorities in India. Modi-Shah duo is applying CAA with pure discrimination to make Muslim life difficult.

What if the Evangelicals come back to power and feel the pain of Modi’s (through his minions) rhetoric to boot the Christians out of India as their holy place is in Jerusalem. What if the Evangelicals want to kick the Indians out of America using the RSS’s same logic? Indian’s holy place is the Ganges and not America, and they need to be booted out. Come to senses, my dear Bhakts, show that you are a civilized lot and belong to America and condemn what Modi is doing to India.

Check these videos about Nomads –

100 Million Nomads live in India with no address.

I have witnessed the nomad who came to our flour mill every Sunday to get their Ragi grains grounded into flour – they busted rocks at Bettahalli – next to Bengaluru’s Kempegowda International Airport. They came for a few weeks in a row, then disappeared and came back later.

The Kandahar nomads went from town to town – no idea where they stayed. One of them was a beautiful woman who came with her child hanging on her side, and I saw her come to our mill every two years as if her tribe went around from town to town. She was like the picture of the Afghan girl that Time magazine placed on its cover page.

CAA is a shame on civilization, particularly in our motherland. Our motherland must feel the pain of such blatant discrimination. She may be cursing these two men.

Mike Ghouse

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