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A collection of articles about Kashmir and CAA & NCA

11/06/2023 – Article by Ramachandra Guha, India’s prominent Historian on Modi Cult and its dangers. It is one of the best summaries of Modi cult.

31/12/2021Opinion: In India, calls for Muslim genocide grow louder. Modi’s silence is an endorsement.                                                              


29/12/2021 – Christians on edge in India’s Karnataka ruled by Modi’s BJP

22/12/2021 – Arrests, beatings and secret prayers: Inside the persecution of India’s Christians

24/12/2021 – Hindutva leaders call for killing of Muslims at Haridwar and Delhi events

26/12/2021 – चर्च में घुसकर संघियों ने तोड़ी मूर्ति, देशभर में भड़क उठे ईसाई!          

RSS पर प्रतिबंध की तैयारी, America से लेकर Qater तक पैनी नज़र | Harshita Mishra | RSS | Dharm Sansad

26/12/2021 – Fanatics take charge                                  

30/09/2021 – Modi’s Hindu Civilizational Project                

24/09/2021Modi’s Project To Make A Hindu India                              

22/09/2021FIACONA is Cautious For A Good Reason in Welcoming The Prime Minister Of India To DC                                                                                                            

2/2/20 Amnesty International, a comprehensive report on INdia

2/2/20  Jayath Sinha, speaker at Harvard. He garlanded and embraced mob who lynched Muslims

2/2/20 – More Hate speech from BJP

1/31/20 Karan Thapar – Has Yogi Adityanath revealed BJP’s real feelings about Muslims?
Whilst the government sends ministers to the Valley to reach out to Kashmiris, Adityanath, single-handedly, is taunting and ridiculing Muslims in Uttar Pradesh. Yet Amit Shah and Narendra Modi are silent.

1/31/20  Javed Anand – Muslims are protesting not because their religion is in danger, but for the imperiled Constitution
The protest this time is not faith-based, there is no gender segregation. Muslim men and women are out there alongside all others. Yes, there are Muslim women in burqas and hijabs. But also there in large numbers are women who “don’t look like Muslims”.

1/31/20  Seema Chisti – Muslim presence in India is as old as Islam — it’s an insider’s tale
It is the ability to find a vocabulary — political, unapologetic and involving large numbers of women — that makes the current moment unique.

1/31/20  CAA protests have inspired a new vocabulary of citizenship, but the Republic needs much more.
An agitation that began in response to an assault on the constitutional idea of citizenship has opened the doors for redefining the idea in a manner that would have made the Republic’s founding fathers proud of today’s protesters

1/31/20  Tavleen Singh – Difficult for BJP’s social media army to label Muslims, leftists, liberals as ‘anti-nationals’
The CAA protesters are no longer only Muslims. Their ranks have been joined by people whom the BJP’s shouting brigade calls ‘libtards’ and ‘sickularists’.

Enough is Enough! If the state bullies me because of my faith, I shall publicly assert it
The onus of saving India is on the majority, and not on Minorities

When I protested against the Citizenship Amendment Act at Parivartan Chowk in Lucknow on December 19, I did not protest just against the legislation. That was the obvious, immediate protest.

There was another unspoken, more passionate protest happening within the hearts of Muslims like me who had assembled at Parivartan Chowk. It was a protest against six long years of the anti-Muslim agenda of the Narendra Modi government. It was a protest against the lynching of Mohammad Akhlaq, Pehlu Khan, Tabrez Ansari, Junaid Khan, and many others whose names have been forgotten. It was a protest against the passing of the Triple Talaq Bill. It was a protest against the Supreme Court verdict in the Babri Masjid-Ram Janmabhoomi title suit. It was a protest against the CAA and the National Register of Citizens (NRC). Finally, it was a protest against the trigger that pushed us out on the streets — the Delhi Police’s crackdown on the students of Jamia Millia Islamia. It was a cumulative protest, a release of pent-up anguish over the relentless anti-Muslim agenda of the state and the media since 2014.

In Modi’s first term as prime minister, the anti-Muslim agenda was played out strategically, one that averted a collective protest. Individual Muslims were lynched frequently, but in different states and at different points of time. No collective action was taken at one point of time against the entire Muslim community. The state’s attack on Muslims was indirect, executed through ragtag cow “vigilantes”, WhatsApp myths and shrill TV discussions on “why don’t Muslims chant Bharat Mata ki jai?” or “why does AMU have a Jinnah portrait?” or “what is love jihad?”


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The Telegraph India – Extraordinary horrors inflicted on Muslims in UP

Atlantic Magazine – Indian Democracy fighting back

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Atlantic Magazine -India Just Put Democracy at Risk Across South

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