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Holy books – Quran, Bible, Torah, Vedas, Tipitaka, Kalapa Sutras, Granth Saheb, Kitab Al Aqdas, Gathas and others

Published at: http://foundationforpluralism.blogspot.com/ and www.TheGhouseDiary.com What are the holy books for? Of course, Quran, Bible, Torah, Vedas, Gita, Tipitaka, Kalapa Sutras, Granth Saheb, Kitab Al Aqdas, Gathas (random order) or other holy books and oral… Read more »

Sacred – a great American movie in the making

What is Sacred, Flag, Holy Books, Mother, Freedom of Speech? Sacred Film is about a successful real life event set in Mulberry, Florida coupled with a compelling romantic story built around the… Read more »