Texas Faith – What religion stories should we focus on

courtesy Steve Blow of dallasnews.com/ – Link : https://www.dallasnews.com/news/faith/2010/09/14/texas-faith-what-religion-stories-should-the-media-focus-on/ By Bill McKenzie I’m pleased to announce the participation of two new panelists: Dr. James Denison and interfaith proponent and blogger Mike Ghouse. They will… Read more »

Texas Faith: Are there cracks in America’s Christian foundation?

CRACKS IN CHRISTIAN FOUNDATION | THE GHOUSE DIARY http://nabsites.net/demo/texas-faith-are-there-cracks-in/ If those (few) church leaders quit bashing other religions, they will not lose their membership to Islam, Hinduism, Judaism or the… Read more »

Texas Faith – Is torture ever justified as an instrument of American policy in a dangerous world?

Dick Cheney has no problems if our soldiers are captured and tortured by rogue nations. Did he ask the permission from the folks whose spouse, parent, kid or sibling who… Read more »