Mike Ghouse on Voice of America about Iran deal, Turkey and Ferguson

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My talking points for Voice of America Radio, Washington, D.C 
Turkey has allowed 6 F-16 Falcon
fighters to operate from their Incirlik air base to do the sorties over ISIS
territory.  We had enough of the evil
acts from the ISIS, it is time to stop them from killing people, destroying the
heritage of the nations and forcing women to be sex slaves.

Way back in September 2014, in an Op-ed at Huffington Post, I had urged
President Obama to use the Quranic method, to give them warning, if they don’t
stop killing, drone them and save the innocent lives of Christians, Yazidis,
Shias and others.   However, if they retrieve,
we have to stop. 

I would rather round them up and question them, and demand them to show where
Quran tells them to do such evil things. I hope that will put an end to the
false propaganda against Islam, and let the world focus on evil in men.
Religion is never the problem; it is the evilness in men.

We have the world with us, and it is time to stop them and that is the right thing
to do.

2    Iran Deal

This is the best thing that has happened
– It is good for Israel, America, Iran and the world. I am writing a full
article on this topic.
Netanyahu is possibly the worst enemy
of Israel – he is isolating the nation from the rest of the world. Six Powerful
nations Russia, China, UK, France, Germany and US are in this together to
ensure Iran does not go nuclear behind everyone’s back. They have made this
deal in good faith for the protection of Israel.  
It is good for Israel and what does
Netanyahu do? He slaps them in their face! 
Why should they like this man?
We have to guide the world’s anger
towards Netanyahu, the pied piper of Israel, instead of the people of Israel.
The Republicans want to double down on
this, shame on them, if they do not pass this bill, I would question their
loyalty? Are they allowing a foreign leader to be disrespectful of our
president? Shame on them.
I am sure there a few good Republicans out
there who want to do the right thing for America, Israel, Iran and others, but
will they do the monkey see, monkey do? That is obedient conformists and jump
like sheep instead of exercising their minds?
Mother Teresa said – if you want peace,
go talk with the enemy
Chinese Quote – if you want to get rid
of the enemy for good, make friends with them.
Obama has precisely done that, and this
is a major paradigm shift in our foreign policy – it is sensible and the
righteous one
Obama said, super powers don’t response
to talks – he is right, we cannot be yelling at each other, one has to be an
adult. I hope the Republicans act like adults as well.
Obama is right again, it is the best
way for Iran not to get nuclear weapons.
m. Reagan had that wisdom, and he dealt with Russians while they
had their missiles pointed at us. Of course every Republican is eager to claim
to be a follower of Reagan – but very few of them are
Negotiate with enemies
Hardliner on the Iran side are as ugly
as ours are.
Netanyahu does not get it, he is not
comfortable with peace, he has got to be on the edge and keep the Israelis and Americans
on the edge.  

Behjat Gilani and Mike Ghouse on VOA

Ferguson after one year
The police chief says, “They were criminals, they weren’t
protesters,” Belmar said – aren’t they innocent until proven guilty? We should
demand an apology from this officer.  Instead of mitigating the bad race relations,
this guy aggravates by killing.  Aren’t
they not trained to hold the trigger?

I question the police training to produce these men who are too eager to pull
the trigger.

Mike Ghouse, speaking for America Together Foundation.

Mike Ghouse
(214) 325-1916

Mike is a speaker, thinker,
writer, pluralist,  TV-Radio commentator and a human rights activist committed
to building cohesive societies and offers pluralistic solutions on issues of the
day. His info in 63 links at MikeGhouse.net and writings at TheGhouseDiary.com 

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