Texas Faith – Religious liberty vs equal rights in Houston. Is it ever right to subpoena religious sermons?

Let me throw in the monkey’s wrench here, what if a Mosque was delivering sermons that cause disturbance in the society, should the Mosque hide behind First Amendment and not… Read more »

LGBT – Same Sex marriage declared unconstitutional by Supreme Court of India – Unwise decision.

INDIA’S SUPREME COURT’S DECISION TO BAN SAME SEX MARRIAGE  IS NOT WISEURL – http://nabsites.net/demo/lgbt-same-sex-marriage-declared/ The Supreme Court’s decision is not wise and needs to be challenged.  We need to find… Read more »

Texas Faith: Do we need a new national conversation about marriage?

Humanity is diverse, that’s God’s intentional creation. The male/ female ratio has always remained around 50/50 with +/- 2 points variation on either side. The world would never be 100%… Read more »