Two Lesbian Marriages : Seema weds Shanon | Rehana weds Sobia

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Lesbian and Gay Marriages are a reality and the future of America and most of the democracies around the world.  At World Muslim Congress, we bring issues to discuss and learn about it without judgment. We will face the issue today or tomorrow, running away from it is will not release us from the agony, accepting it does not give us relief either.

Muslims and Christians have come to believe in the traditional narration that God punished Sodom and Gomorrah for their gay sexual orgies. The Christians early on also believed that the earth was flat and any thing contrary to that was considered a slap on the religion. Muslims have also believed in certain interpretations of Quran on different issues, but now have seen the fallacies of it – like the wrong use of the word Jihad and other words. 

God’s wisdom is still to be unearthed and it will continue till the planet ceases to exist. All I have understood is that God has intentionally created everything to be unique and by design, he did not goof up, he meant what he created, and in the Quran he says so – that he has created us all different. He also says in Quran, had he willed, he would have created us all alike. If we can learn to respect God’s will and accept the given uniqueness of each one of us, then conflicts fade and solutions emerge – and hope we all can live in peace, that is Islam. 

A few notes and then the pictures.

1. Not to see, listen, read or talk about it, and distance ourselves from it as it is wrong.

2. It is a reality in America, Canada, UK and most of the democracies. None of the religious groups can stop it, despite strong opposition from several Christian groups, LGBT Marriages are a reality and the future of America.

Now don’t jump to conclusions that every one will become a gay or lesbian – that is irrational. God has endowed each human being the ability to connect with the other, a majority of men and women will continue to be attracted to the opposite sex, those who were inclined and attracted towards the same sex will continue to do so. If a boy does not have a feeling towards a girl, you cannot do anything about it – that’s the way he or she is set up, however, a girl who feels for a boy will not seek a girl… take it easy, your wife, daughter, husband or son will not become gay or lesbian if he or she does not have the proclivities to be.

The question is – if your kid, sibling or spouse decides to be a gay or lesbian – what will you do? If you were in a traditional society – Hindu, Muslim or otherwise, it becomes your honor and you want the problem be gone by killing the person. It is the insecure man or woman in you, it is the intolerance in you that makes you do that – for convenience you may plead insanity, religion or tradition whichever saves your tail.

But in a civil society, you cannot do that. First of all,  you have no right to take the life of another being, God does not tell any one to kill another soul, because he retains the right to judge, no one bears the burden of other. 

Let’s learn to respect the otherness of others and accept the God given uniqueness of each one of us.

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Mike Ghouse is a speaker, thinker and a writer committed to building cohesive societies where all of us can live without the fear of the other.

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