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Texas Faith – Is torture ever justified as an instrument of American policy in a dangerous world?

Dick Cheney has no problems if our soldiers are captured and tortured by rogue nations. Did he ask the permission from the folks whose spouse, parent, kid or sibling who… Read more »

Texas Faith: In love and marriage, do different faiths really matter in America?

DO INTERFAITH MARRIAGES MATTER?URL – http://nabsites.net/demo/texas-faith-in-love-and-marriage-do/ http://interfaithmarriages.blogspot.com/ When a couple is deeply committed to marry, they go ahead and get married anyway without the ceremony due to religious restrictions, but… Read more »

Texas Faith – In faith and gender politics, what does submission mean — as in, submissive spouse?

FAITH AND GENDER POLITICS – WHAT DOES SUBMISSION MEAN? Men are traditionally insecure beings when it comes to dealing with women, particularly the hardcore conservative men, be them be Arabs,… Read more »

Texas Faith: Is separation of church and state an idea to keep religious people out of the public arena?

The separation of church and state has been a catalyst in guaranteeing freedom to every religious group. This can be better understood through stark contrasts between pluralistic nations and the… Read more »

Texas Faith: Religion and the right to free speech

http://nabsites.net/demo/texas-faith-religion-and-right-to-free/ Freedom of Speech is understood in two different ways; one group believes that irresponsible statements must be controlled and censored by the government, whereas the other group believes in… Read more »