Hamas must be factored in peace talks

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Talking with Beck, Hannity and OReilly does not produce peace for the people of Israel, it will aggravate it, but ensures them the short sighted audience numbers and enhanced ratings, that is really their bottom line. People of Israel and Palestine want peace, these guys are the hindrance.

The bottom line for the lobbies, and the right wing Christians and Jews is “sucking” money from the frightened ones and NOT the security of Israel, continuance of conflict ensure them their rewards and they have done it for over 50 years and it it in their interest to blame and accuse others instead of finding solutions.

The bull headed rightwingers lack sheer common sense, they expect to have peace in Israel without talking to the parties in conflict. If you want to have peace with the “enemies” then you talk with them.

If the same guys focus on mitigating conflicts and nurturing goodwill, they can achieve peace, they are passionate people with passion misapplied.

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