Hate mail on Obama speech

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My appearance on Hannity show and support for Obama’s proposal last night has produced a few pieces of hate mail from the rightwing Christians, Hindus, Jews and Muslims alike and a full blown article on me. 

The Israelis and the Palestinians want peace but the right wingers among them and the US have been a hindrance. 

These guys want the conflicts to continue so they can cash in on it. If there is peace, the lobbies lose donations and many a organizations will go out of hate business. Fox will not have the material anymore. 

I pray that these men and women put in their time and energy in creating peace and join Obama, let their passion be put in for good purpose, so the people of Israel can hope for a secure life and Palestinians can live with hopes.

Obama should stick out, when they have peace we can save $5 billion a year in aid and take care of our own here in America.  We pay them and we have a right to ask them to do the right thing and make peace, this is time. 

Mike Ghouse
Committed to build cohesive societies

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