Humiliation of raped women

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Every system was designed with the intent of serving justice and abusers of every system find loopholes to beat the system.

Four witnesses were required to nail the rapists, it was to prevent false accusations against innocent.  If it was a conspiracy to nail some one and the witnesses were cooked up, they will face severe punishment if they were found lying. 

Raped women have endured painful humiliation in every society including  ours. Due to humiliation even in our own Dallas women do not report rape to prevent mental torture thru drilling in the court, sort of four witnesses humiliation.

Men have made the laws in the past, and it’s a shame that men and even women blame the girl for going to the bar and wearing revealing clothes, shamelessly they say she asked for it. All societies need to catch up with justice and fairness. We need to punish the wrong doers no matter who they are and must be just.

Today the DNA test serve as unmistakable witness with that justice must be served  and women. There is no need for women to endure humiliation in Muslim societies with four witnesses or American system to re-live the violation of rape in the court again

Reference: comment, “if this sexual assault happened in a Muslim country, Dominique Strauss-Kahn, French Dignitary, would have walked free for want of 4 witnesses. But not in America! 

Mike Ghouse
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