Today Is Mahatma Gandhi’s Birthday

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I was at the Indian Embassy to pay homage to the Mahatma. I wrote a challenging but genuine article (last year) about Gandhi being ejected from India.

Today is Gandhi’s birthday, and it is time to reflect on the hatred and love he receives from Indians. A majority of the Indians and the world revere him while the Hindutva outfits curse him. India is a ruptured nation at this time, and its social structure is collapsing; people live in fear of commenting on the Government’s policies, the economy is tanking due to gross mismanagement, and the political stability has become questionable in the short run.

May God guide the RSS organization to renounce its extremist ideology and stop hating Christians, Dalits, and Muslims. May God bless Modi with common sense to repent his sins (Praischit) and restore security, peace, and harmony to every Indian. I pray he speaks out against lynching, harassment, rapes, and disenfranchising fellow Indians who are not Hindus to restore righteousness to the nation. Then the world can count on India as a stable and reliable ally and democracy. May we not lose the trust of the community of nations. We need them, and they need us.

Despite the lynching, harassment, rapes, and disenfranchisement of Muslims, Dalits, and Christians, they have not resorted to retaliation or any violence. I hope and pray that the Modi Government appreciates Muslims and Christians who genuinely follow Mahatma Gandhi’s ideals of Non-Violence.

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