My Short Speech At IRF Roundtable

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Thanks Greg, and thanks every one for sharing your updates. We have a lot of work to do, we have to repair the world where all of us can live freely and securely.

My talk today is about India – 6 key points.

  1. It is our moral duty to condemn what is bad and appreciate what is good so that all people can live with freedom. I am about to share the violations of religious freedom in India, my dear motherland. Yes, we have heard it repeatedly, but imagine the people who are enduring lynching, harassing, and torture every day for their belief in Christian and Islamic values. They are living in constant fear not knowing when they will be lynched.

2. Last week, a religious Man Maulana Kaleem Siddiqui, was arrested on Wednesday in the City of Meerut by Uttar Pradesh Anti-Terrorism Squad (ATS) on charges of running a conversion racket, these are false charges per the news reports, but it does not matter to them. The Modi and Yogi governments are continually harassing Christians and Muslims on the issue of conversion. As usual, PM Modi remains silent, as if he wants the lynchings and rapes to continue.

. This week in Assam, the Eastern State of India, the Modi government is forcibly evacuating the farmers and Muslims from their homes and placing them in gigantic internment camps. Their fault is they did not have the birth certificates to prove their citizenship even though they have lived there for several generations. To tell you the truth, most people in India don’t have a birth certificate. I don’t have it; neither Modi nor his mother may have a birth certificate. Yet, they are singling out Muslims.

4. The reign of terror continues worldwide from the Hindutva gang. In the last few months, almost every scholar was harassed and threatened with life who spoke against the Modi government’s policies. Dr. Audrey Truschke from Rutgers University got death threats from the Hindutva Brigade. This week Professor Mohan Dutta, a New Zealander, is being harassed for criticizing Hindutva Extremism.

5. The Hindus for Human rights, a participant in the IRF Round table, writes, “Hindutva, or Hindu fascism, is a majoritarian political ideology and far-right ethnonationalist movement that uses religion as a justification for atrocities against Dalits, Muslims, Christians, Sikhs, Ravidassias, and Buddhists.”
This political ideology wants to kick some 250 million Muslims and Christians out of India or force them to live as second-class citizens.

6. All President Biden has to say is this; “Look, Mr. Modi, what is happening in India is not acceptable to us, don’t take advantage of us because we want India to be the bulwark against China. If your country is fractured, you will not be a reliable ally, and we and our businesses may distance you from you.”

India needs us, and we need India, and we need to have an honest relationship, where we can hold each other accountable on human rights and religious freedom violations, so both of us be exemplary nations.

Mike Ghouse
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