Three things about your faith

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A Hindu, Jew, Christian, Muslim, Baha’i, Zoroastrian and a Buddhist wrote a 250 word essay on “three things from my faith that influences me in my daily life”. To each person it is different. I am pleased to share mine, and when others give their permission, I will share theirs. You are welcome to write yours about your faith.
Three Islamic teachings that influence me daily in 250 Words
Respecting the otherness of other
 My Mother often quoted the following verse from Quraan, 109:7 “To you is your moral law, and unto me, mine?” It means respecting the otherness of other, and it is one of the most profound chapters in my life and is the basis for Pluralism, indeed the whole chapter is about conducting a civil dialogue.  My life is about learning to respect the otherness of other and appreciating the God given uniqueness of each one of the seven billion of us.
For every good we receive, we have to give out an equal amount good to bring the balance to zero. Since most of us cannot reciprocate an equal value, a mere thank you does it.
Gratitude is the element of life that completes a spiritual transaction for the human beings. It restores one’s peace of mind and spiritual balance. My Father recited Sura Rahman frequently after the morning Prayers. The Verse 55:13 is repeated umpteen times. “Then which of the favors of your Lord will ye deny?”
Humans are endowed with free will, to choose the right or wrong actions and live with the consequences. One of the most influential scenes for me is the Day of Judgment, where you stand alone with your records, as your parents, siblings and kids are busy with their own records. Those who do not believe in God, may consider this day to be your solitary moment to answer yourselves and go through anxieties and serene moments.  However, God’s grace plays a role at the end, he alone knows the insignificant good that you thought you had done, but may have contributed to monumental good.
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