That is disingenuous Mr. Tarek Fatah.

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Fatah on Honor Killing in Canada

Mr. Tarek Fatah is fully aware and cognizant of the mistransla­tion of the verse 4:34. I am not surprised at him for not even mentioning the correct translatio­n as a caution. He chose to let it ride; it suits his agenda that is downright ingenuous.

I am one of the many who prayed for the well being of Mr. Fatah when he endured cancer. Did the Doctor man condemn his whole body to be trashed for a few cancer cells? Or did he cure the cells and got Mr. Fatah well? It’s like the death penalty in the USA; would he bash the entire US Constituti­on for a few lousy creepy laws on our books? Same goes with Sharia, a few bad applicatio­ns of Sharia, should not make him bash the entire Sharia law. treat what is bad like the good doctors do.

Dr. Laleh Bakhtiar offers another meaning to the translatio­n of the Arabic word “Idrib,” traditiona­lly translated as “beat,” which has been mis-unders­tood and abused over the centuries by men who would be abusive any way, whether they are Muslim or not. “Why choose to interpret the word as ‘to beat’ when it means ‘to go away’ either one from the other, may be it meant separation as a process of re-evaluat­ion.

Mr. Fatah, you have rightfully earned a place don’t lose it by. Go get a book and read it; find the truth instead of barking at what is visible.

Here is the information on the translation:
This is Fatah’s article:  A Man’s Honour Lies Between the Legs of a Woman

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