Tony Powerz and Mike Ghouse on Fox Radio, South Carolina

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It was a delight to be on Tony Powerz Radio Show this afternoon, a conservative popular talk Show Radio host in South Carolina. The live conversation went on  air between 3:30 PM EST and 4:00 PM on Fox Radio AM 1380.  The topics sequenced from President Obama’s speech, Taxing the rich, Middle East, foriegn policy and aid to Pakistan.

It is a great news for the moderates around the nation to hear one among them is speaking assertively.  Tony Powerz was an incredible host in framing the questions to get the best out of his guests.  Tony was indeed open to hearing a moderate point of view where President Obama was not only criticized but praised on the things he has done well.  For disclosure purposes, I am a Republican, a moderate one and firmly believe that my loyalty to America comes first and then to the party. The statement I made in 2007 and was also articulated by Congressman Ron Paul this week.
President Obama’s speech in Missouri yesterday had the elements of us vs. them; there was no need for the President to deepen that chasm.  Instead, he should have stuck to his usual self, building a cohesive society.  I was critical of the President on his take.
It was a pleasure to share my proposal on taxation policy. Instead of the feds receiving funds through taxing the rich and re-spending, the ideal situation would be to let the rich keep their money and create the jobs.   Give them an equal amount in tax incentives to spend on hiring people and expanding economy and creating jobs, which will generate payroll taxes as well as the income taxs directly from Americans to the IRS. I trust the individual to create the jobs rather than the fed (pun intended). All will gain and no one will be discouraged from making money. The rich should make the money and invest responsibly back in job creation rather than the government.
On the Middle East, President Obama has blundered as well as made some good decisions. The good decision was to stick with the people of Egypt, Libya, Syria and Yemen, had he supported the damned dictators’ that come and go, we would have lost the people, they would have looked down upon us for supporting the tyrant rulers.
The biggest Obama blunder is rejection of Palestinian statehood at the United Nations. The Jewish people have endured a long history of suffering, and now they are enduring another pain, the pain of sacrificing their principle of Justice for  security. They wanted to be free and get over the anxiety and sit down and discuss with the Palestinians as two legal entities. Obama blew that opportunity. Justice to Palestinians and security to Israel would have put the world on a new tract of co-existence; it would have weakened the Iranian argument as well. Injustice to the Palestinians is the mother of all conflicts in the Middle East. The right refuses to see it, the Muslim majority nations would agree with that analysis. Iran would sit down and work with us for a better Middle East. I hope the policy makers open their eyes to it.  We don’t really support Israel, we support those who make money in the name of Israel. The Israelis don’t need our duplicity, they need a genuine lasting security.
Buldozer Netanyahu erred  by siding with Dictator Mubarak. The peace treaty was between the people of Egypt and the People of Israel and NOT between Mubarak and Netanyahu, lasting peace happens with acceptance from the people and not the dictators’ who are here today and gone tomorrow.
The same goes with the US Aid to foreign countries. Why are the Pakistani people not with us? The answer is simple, the money we gave to Egypt, Israel or Pakistan did not go to benefit the people of those nations, it went to the people who made their lives miserable.  I am kind of supportive of Governor Perry’s idea of Zero Budget.  Let all the foreign aid budget be reworked based on tangible and sustainable goodwill towards us, the Americans.
We have wasted our monies giving to the dictators and oppresses, it was a piss down the drain. Why should people, the public hail us when our monies are used to beat them up?
The foreign policy needs to start from scratch, if America does not have a benefit from the good we do, then why do it? If the work does not yield lasting goodness for the recipients and the benefactors, drop it. Don’t waste our resources.
I thank Tony, Fox and AM 1380 for giving a voice to sanity.
Mike Ghouse is committed to building a cohesive America and offers pluralistic solutions on issues of the day. His work is embedded in 30 some blogs and a few websites and all is indexed at

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