TEXAS FAITH: What responsibility should Murdoch or any CEO take for their company?

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What does your training as theologians, ethicists, clergy, academics and people of faith teach you about situations like this? Specifically, what responsibility should the leader of an organization take for his or her institution? Should Rupert Murdoch resign? William McKenzie/ Editorial Columnist

10 Panelists write:

MIKE GHOUSE, President, Foundation for Pluralism, Dallas

Murdoch should have the courage to say, the buck stops here.

Presidents Reagan and Clinton are admired dearly for the success they brought to America in terms of cohesiveness, safety and prosperity . They did not do it personally but it was their charisma and leadership that produced the phenomenal results and the credit goes to them. And the blame would have gone to them, too, if they had failed.

Murdoch’s organization is top-down and regardless of what happened that he was unaware of, he is responsible. It was a bold move on his part to shut down the tabloid in the United Kingdom, but what if other operations within his media empire should produce similar mischief?

Even though he is not elected by the public, he has an obligation to the stockholders to salvage the ship and consider the following options.

I would urge him to apologize with a commitment to revamp his news company to meet the highest standards of journalism, morals and ethics. That may be a 180 degree turn-around for their business model and may or may not work out. But it would be a worthwhile effort if he can turn this around and save the stockholders and keep another channel of communication alive for the public.

Alternatively he could resign and together with the stockholders, take a plunge as collective repentance for the wrongdoing. 

As a pluralist and a social scientist, I see the wisdom of religion, every religion emphasizing salvation through repentance. Let there be relief for them and the public.

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Mike Ghouse is a speaker, thinker, writer and a frequent guest on Hannity show and nationally syndicated Radio shows and Dallas TV, Radio and Print Media. He presides America Together Foundation and is committed to building a cohesive America and offers pluralistic solutions on issues of the day. Over 1000 articles have been published on Pluralism, Interfaith, Islam, India and cohesive societies. Two of his books are poised to be released this fall on Pluralism and Islam. He is available to speak at your place of worship, work, school, college, seminars or conferences. His work is encapsulated in 27 blogs, four websites and several forums indexed at http://www.mikeghouse.net/

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