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I am proud of this debate, this is how democracy should function. I am proud of Americans for not giving either the Republican or Democrats duedes power in both the houses. Bad decision in the country have occurred when all the three branches are from the same party. Let the suckers fight, let them work for a change, let there be passions exchanged, ultimately the average Joe should win.

It was the Republican unilateralist war that bolstered our deficits and heaped irresponsible consequence on an average American family, and it was the Democratic unilateralism that pushed for the unproductive bail outs that has accelerated the ruin.
Compromising their integrity for political gains is bad; that is screwing America. They should not have positioned themselves by digging their heels. Newt Gingrich’s call not to compromise is dumb. America is better off with diversity of opinions than slam dunk political decisions that we have to endure.
The winners should be the ones who compromise from their untenable positions for the good of America, that’s who should ultimately win; Americans, and not Democrats and not Republicans.
Let us intimately learn about the consequences of their decision through the endless debating rather than positioning. American public should not be underestimated by the politicians, whoever compromises for a political gain should be routed out, but never give either party a majority in both the house. They creeps will ruin the nation.
Mike Ghouse committed to democracy and its checks and balances

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