Muslims condemn Murdering Ahmadiyya Muslims in Indonesia

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No Scripture supports any killing; Certainly Quraan does not support it.

The only condonable killing is in self-defense, even then the scripture commands you to back off, if you see the signs that the offender is backing off, the best among you is the one who forgives and the forgiver is one of the dearest beings to God.

These Muslim-labeled men are hiding behind religion for their evil acts and shame on us, as a society for according them that false label and allowing them carry on those acts as if Islam sanctions it.
As a society, we should condemn every aggression and murder regardless of the label the killers use; religion, security, politics, democracy, capitalism, collateral damage, communism, progress, Quraan, Gita, Bible or the Torah.  There simply is no justification for any murder.
There is belligerency among a few Muslims; they are so arrogant that they knock God out his seat and take over judging other people’s faith, shame on us we are letting them take over God’s role, he alone is the master of the day of judgment.  You cannot judge other peoples faith, it is between them and their creator. Only God knows what is in one’s heart and there are numerous examples and stories in Quraan about it.
The silent majority of Muslims do not approve this, but at least a few of them need to speak up. This is not acceptable and we express this disgust by signing the name below.
As a Muslim I will urge Muslims to condemn any evil act. We cannot allow religious stamp on the evil things men do. It is up to Hindus, Jews, Christians and others to do their work in the name of their faith if their faith is used to justify crimes.  
We must resist temptations to point fingers at others; it amounts to justification of our own wrong doing. Each one of us is answerable to the creator for our silence, just like each one of us will receive a traffic ticket for speeding, others get away on the same road, but there is nothing we can do about it. We were wrong and it is our own responsibility to fix ourselves. If we do that, then our voice will carry value.
You and I have the power to express, we can boldly say that using religion to kill any one is wrong, that is the least we can do. 
I hope and pray that the community of nations and societies treat this as capital crime and every one involved in killing must be punished.
I request that this note or a different note be circulated among the “silent people” to let them sign, a first step in being righteous.
Are you gutsy enough to sign up? If you are, write your name and the name of your town down in the comments section. Or create your own appeal and do it, but please do it.
Please join Mike Ghouse to nurture the pluralistic ideals embedded in Islam. Islam is about justice and fairness and balance in a society, that is all God wants in Quraan (49:13); for us to get along.
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In a message dated 2/9/2011 9:12:28 A.M. Central Standard Time, writes: I have just viewed the clip of the murder of Ahmadiyyas in Indonesia.  I have a question.  The Quran says:  109:1-6 -to you your belief, to me mine.   So why are the Ahmadiyyas being murdered?  What scripture supports this terrible travesty of justice? 
Blessings, Marylou

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