David Horowitz and the fear factor

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There are men and women, who know how to make money in the name of Israel, Palestine and God among other things. The best product to sell is hate, there is money in it, I guarantee it.

There are frightened souls out there who happen to be rich and it is very easy to tap their wealth, poor suckers will fall to the fear mongering tactics and write big checks. All you have to do is frighten them and “act” as the defenders for them and see how quickly your bank account swells.
The test is simple – write an article or speak about the imminent and impending danger and then say, you are going to stand against them like a Rock. You can test it and see how many suckers will fall for it.
There are several websites and appeals out there, invariably asking for the money. If the cause is real, one should give the money.
Do you want to give the money to those who create a bigger mess? Or those whose work to mitigate conflicts and nurture goodwill?
In case of Israel and Palestine, if you give the money, give it to those who find solutions and not aggravations. There is a Chinese saying, “if you want the enemy gone for good, make friend, if you kill, his son will wait to kill you when you are dozing off”. Mother Teresa said, if you want peace, go talk with your enemies, you don’t make peace with your friends.
The Brotherhood Organization has an ugly history and some of the members harbor hate towards the western powers and certainly towards some of the policies of Israel. Then there are the settlers who are going against the laws and taking over the land illegally to build their own. Both are shamelessly quoting Quraan and Torah to justify their actions, and we  are letting them do it.
The question is, do you want the Brotherhood to continue doing what is not right? Do you want the settlers continue doing what is not right?  Do you want to fund these groups to dig in their heels? Do you really believe peace will come by pushing them to the corner? Neither of them are law abiding and we should not fund those ideas that aggravate the situation.
I wish David Horowitz collected the monies to build bridges, I will send him the money, but if he is selling books, and collecting the money in the name of protecting Israel, he will to continue to drain you as the situation gets worse with requests for more monies.  Is that what you want?
Those who are endangering Israel are no friends of Israel, they care about money for themselves, and they are many out there milked or milking monies like Madoff. Let’s find a way without opening your check book or if you open, let it be productive and not messy. There are organization who are doing the right thing to bring security to Israel following the Chinese saying and Mother Teresa quoted earlier, give it to them, make it conditional that the money should mitigate conflicts and not aggravate.
I urge Mr. Horowitz to make the enemy gone for good, make friends with them, at least go talk with them and don’t do the opposite; dig in their heels. It is not good for Israel.
Mike Ghouse for building cohesive societies

Get ready for the Brotherhood!

The situation in Egypt remains chaotic, but the Obama White House — while trying to cover its tracks with doublespeak — has finally settled on a position: Hosni Mubarak, lynchpin of Mideast stability for the last 30 years, must be thrown under the bus on the Arab streets.

And if he is replaced by the Muslim Brotherhood–anti semitic, anti American godfather organization to Hamas and al Qaeda? So be it! The Brotherhood is just another leopard whose spots will be transformed by the President Obama’s message of “change.” In fact, all the President’s men are telling the press, off the record of course, that Obama’s 2009 Cairo speech — chock full of apologies for U.S. misbehavior — actually caused the potentially catastrophic changes now occuring in Egypt.

Do business with the Muslim Brotherhood? Boast about creating the situation in which this organization can come to power?

This is not foreign policy, it is madness! That’s why I’m writing to ask for you help today. Will you follow this link right away to make an emergency contribution of $25, $50, $100, $250 or even $500 to the Freedom Center’s campaign to tell the Truth About the Muslim Brotherhood? If you are able to give $50 or more today, I’ll rush you a copy of Jamie Glazov’s best-seller, United in Hate: The Left’s Romance with Tyranny and Terror, which unveils the “Unholy Alliance” between the Radical Left and Radical Islam, and Robert Spencer’s latest pamphlet “Obama and Islam,” which illustrates the dangers present on President Obama’s “outreach” to the Muslim world.

The Muslim Brotherhood is the source of jihad in the Middle East (and, for that matter, in the U.S. where the FBI has proven that it operates through the Muslim Student Association and other fronts). Its Palestinian branch, Hamas, is a terror organization whose charter calls for the annihilation of Israel. In fact, Osama bin Laden was a graduate of the Brotherhood and so was the mastermind of 9/11, Sheik Khalid Mohammed! So in suggesting that the Muslim Brotherhood can be a democratic partner in Egypt, the Obama White House — so quiet when real democrats were being killed on the streets of Teheran in 2009 — has outdone even the Carter administration’s destabilization of the Shah of Iran in 1979 and its welcoming of the theocratic fascist Ayatollah Khomeini as a “saint.”

In the current chaos of Egypt, the radical left and its radical Islamist allies see possibilities. This unholy alliance wants a takeover by the Muslim Brotherhood because this would be the most dangerous possible outcome for the U.S. and Israel. They want to persuade the American people that the Brotherhood is actually committed to “democracy,” not hatred and violence. And even now, while pulling its punches with an eye toward attaining power with a hands-off assist from the Obama White House, this sinister organization admits that it will tear up the Egyptian-Israeli agreement of 1979, which means that Israel will be once again under the gun as it was in the first few years of its existence… and that a war engulfing the whole of the Middle East is once again on the table.

We can’t allow this to happen! That’s why I’m urgently asking you to make a contribution of $50 or more to support the Freedom Center’s efforts to alert every American to the gravity of the situation in Egypt.

The Freedom Center cannot determine how the present chaos in Egypt will end. But exposing the big lies of the left is the core of our mission and we can educate America about what is at stake. That’s why we need to get my book, Unholy Alliance, United in Hate, “Obama and Islam,” and the other pamphlets we have produced on the radical Islamic jihad into as many hands as possible.

Will you help us today by following this link to make a donation of $50 or more to the Freedom Center’s campaign to tell the Truth About the Muslim Brotherhood? Don’t forget that we’ll send you copies of both United in Hate and “Obama and Islam”, as well.

We stand at a critical crossroads which has potentially catastrophic implications for the future of Israel and America itself. We need to act quickly to tell the Truth About the Muslim Brotherhood! I hope the Freedom Center can count on your support.


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