Miss Nada Al-Ahdal – a new Malala in the Arab world

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God for the display of courage by Nada Al-Ahdal, an eleven year old
girl who refused to get married or sold off to some old fart against
her will. Thanks to the CNN and western media for bringing Nada
Al-Ahdal story to the fore. This is my
reactionary note, and I hope the Muslim world wakes up and restores the
liberation Prophet Muhammad (pbuh) brought to women to be free, to be
educated and to determine their own future and be herself. Full CNN video and my op-ed at: http://worldmuslimcongress.blogspot.com/2013/07/here-is-another-malala-in-yemen-nada-al.html

Video: http://edition.cnn.com/video/data/2.0/video/world/2013/07/31/dnt-jamjoom-nada-story-yemen.cnn.html

I sincerely hope the conservatives among us will speak up against this
non-sense of child marriage, and getting one’s daughter married instead
of sending her to the school.

good news is the child protective agency took a stand and I hope they
continue to do the good work. It was good to see the little girl signing
the settlement agreement. 

stories came out of Hyderabad India, where the rich old men from Middle
East and Africa went there, and bought the girls from the parents, and a
month later, abandoned her and fly back.  Indeed for a long time
Vietnamese, Filipino, Czech, Russian and other women were in a similar

is a reactionary note, and I hope the Muslim world wakes up and
restores the liberation Prophet Muhammad (pbuh) brought to women.

Malala spoke up for the rights of girls education, the conservatives
among us made every effort to destroy the good by cooking up stories
that she was an agent of CIA or she was an agent of the west. Where the
heck were the conservatives when she was prevented from going to school
and shot in the head? Malala is not alone, a lot many girls are being
harassed, but the conservative big mouths remain silent and no one would
have known about it, had it not for the western media. They are God
sent to bring the issues to fore, so the moderate Muslims can start
speaking up.

Let me be clear selling daughters is not a Muslim thing; it is
practiced in most communities including Hindu, Sikh and others in Asia
and Africa. In India in the state of Haryana and Gujarat there is a
severe shortage of women due to the ugly practice of killing the girl
babies,  and the boys end up sharing one woman by his friends or even
brothers for money. Google it out and learn yourselves first hand.

a Moderate Muslim, I condemn this practice and urge the useless 57
member Organization of Islamic Countries (OIC) to take steps to bring in
legal changes in each one of the member nations, which will lead to
social changes over a period of time. It takes guts to drive any thing
in life, they need to get rid of their executive director and get
someone who can get things done. I will be happy to do that. 

We need to restore the work of Prophet Muhammad. 1400 years ago he
liberated women from the traditional slavery to men – she was free to
marry, divorce, own the property and business, and she was not a chattel
any more. Not only that she did not have to obey her husband if he was a
hurdle in practice of her beliefs.

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