Karishna Deva Raya II

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The Mosque shown in the picture has the looks of the temple; Krishna Deva Raya II built it between 1419-1439. The story is he was losing the wars to Adil Shahi and other empires despite his army was triple their size. He calls on his generals to find out the cause, and they say Muslims pray before going to war (Muslims pray five times a day, nothing special for war); based on that, he hires Muslims into his army and builds a mosque for them.

The only two identifications of the Mosque are Mehrab – a niche from where the Imam (clergy) delivers his sermon. The inscription in Kannada on the frieze of the temple; otherwise, it looks like a temple architect.

The additional points I want to make, which Dr. Ram Punyani also made, are – Shivaji’s and Aurangzeb’s major generals were Muslims and Hindus, respectively. When they fought, it was not for Hindus or Muslims but power. Someone somewhere, perhaps the British, erroneously colored it as a fight between Hindus and Muslims, and no one has questioned the integrity of that and has carried it forward.

No king fought for religion; he fought to defend his kingdom. He may have pretended to get his subjected worked up, but really, religion was a fake front for their greed.

Think about this – no King, be it Hindu, Muslim, Christian, Sikh, Buddhist, Zoroastrian or the other ever said to the neighboring King – “Look, my friend, I want to take over your kingdom, wealth, and the women.” and the other King said, sure, sure, be my guest, take it over. Hell no, has it ever happened? The war ensued; people were killed, women robbed, wealth taken, their places destroyed. It was not between religions but between greedy kings of all faiths.

As Indians, some of us hold grudges against others – Hindus against Muslims and vice versa. That is foolish. If I kill someone on the street, should you punish my parents, my pastor, mayor, grandfather, or my kids for it, or me?

We need to deal with the present, we are a democracy, and we are accountable for it. We should not forget history, but let the past not ruin our present.

Video translated and the commentary by Dr. Mike Ghouse

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