Full Moon Tonight, go out and enjoy

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Full moon tonight – Get out and enjoy it in the open spaces or a beach nearby with your loved ones. I am going by myself unless someone joins.

Of course, the moon is a piece of rock, but our generation and the earlier ones cherished it. The soft light of the moon is considered romantic.

My late wife Najma and I visited the Taj Mahal to watch its glory in the full moon; it was worth it, and I recommend it to everyone. If you are going there, you might as well soak in the best sight of the Taj on the full moon.

Indeed, Queen Elizabeth visited India in 1961, and one night she disappeared from her hotel. The entire Indian secret service went searching for her – finally, they found her sitting in front of the Taj Mahal and enjoying its beauty. She probably asked her husband if he was going to build one monument for her.

Najma and I went on a trip near Austin, Texas. We rented this fantastic tent set on the peninsula like a strip of land with a moon roof. It was a full-fledged tent with a king-size bed—the light filtering into the tent on Najma’s face lit up the whole place, and she looked beautiful.

We have chosen many short trips, usually on the full moon. Hey, if you are going somewhere, let it be the best.

I have continued the tradition, and here in DC, I sit in front of the Supreme Court in peace, reflecting on life, liberty, and happiness. The Supreme court is a holy place to me, as it serves justice to my fellow Americans.

Here in DC, a group goes for a walk in the Mall and visits different monuments in the glory of the full moon. I thought of going to the beach with a boardwalk and enjoying the full moon on Sunday, the 28th.

Life is a poem of love – https://theghousediary.com/life-is-a-poem-of-love/

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