Who Are Right-Wing Indians?

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Those whose heads are stuck where the sun doesn’t shine. These men interact intermittently but don’t see anything we post, it is a one-way correspondence with them. The Indian Muslims condemn every known atrocity by humans against fellow humans, no matter where and who they are, yet, the right-wing, no-brain Hindutva*** (https://centerforpluralism.com/hindutva-is-not-hinduism/) Indians spring up from nowhere every three months somewhere or the other. They are rightfully obsessed with the Kashmiri Pundits and now Bangladeshi Hindus, which Indian Muslims, in particular, condemn incessantly and but they don’t see or read.

Last night, I was at a Diwali function at Capitol hill. One of the guys I know who belongs to the Bhakts (not Moderate Hindu) sees me, and the first thing he asks me is, “did you condemn what is happening in Bangladesh.” Of course, we did. I sent him the links the next day, I know, facts don’t matter to them, but we still have to do the right thing.

Another guy who is a Cricket Player in Dallas from when I was president of the North Texas Cricket Association, does not see my posts on festivals like Diwali, Janamashtami, Ramnvami, and even Karva Chuat on my Facebook, but sees a posting on Prophet Muhammad and questions Pluralism. When he sees a posting criticizing Modi, he jumps on and spits out the standard message – Kashmiri Pundits. I have written to the idiot to look at two things – we have talked about the plight of Kashmiri Pundits twice in our Holocaust and Genocides programs, and we have stood up for Hindus and all others at the site www.StandingupforOthers.com

That is all the bhakts (worshippers of Modi) do, with very limited capacity to think. There are a few out there who come and go in my life.

The irony is they don’t condemn any wrongdoing (https://hindutvawatch.org) by their fellow religionists in India, and yet they have the gall to criticize others.

They assume that Muslims don’t condemn the wrongdoings by Muslims – they are wrong – what makes one a Muslim is to denounce every atrocity, oppression, lynching, raping, violations of human rights, and harassment of fellow humans. If we cannot stop it by hand, the least we can do is speak up, and Muslims do that all the time.

Mike Ghouse
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