Al-Qaeda threatens India

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Terror group Al-Qaeda has threatened to carry out suicide attacks in different parts of India over the recent remarks made by a few BJP leaders on Prophet Muhammad.

My Commentary:

Indian Muslims did not join the terrorist groups Al-Qaeda and ISIS when others were joining them from different places. And now, when Al-Qaeda threatens to attack their motherland, Indian Muslims not only condemn them but will resist them from entering the Indian soil. 

Indian Muslims and Christians are exemplary communities. They believe in non-violence and have lived up to it. Since 2014, Muslims have endured nearly 200 lynchings and harassed their girls for wearing Hijab, and prevented from going to school. The extremist Hindutva (Not Hindu) elements chased fruits and vegetable vendors to earn their livelihood. Their homes were bulldozed, and the Hindu saints and sadhus called for a Genocide of Indian Muslims. The extremists barge into Christian homes and churches and regularly harassed them. These extremists cannot be Hindus, and I urge the mainstream Hindus to speak out against them, as it would reflect on them and their religion. 

What would you have done if forced to the corner? Would you have at least entertained the idea of retaliation? 

Muslims chose to endure the pain, their belief in the goodness of the moderate Hindu majority to take over the nation and put India back where everyone minds their own business. What your wear and how you pray, eat, and drink is your business.  

Hindutva is not Hinduism –
Good Hindus must speak up –

Mike Ghouse
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