Good Hindus Must Speak Up

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Swara Bhaskar

Hinduism is not in danger. Hinduism has been around for nearly10,000 years and it will continue to be there, rightfully it is called the Sanatana Dharma – the eternal righteous way of living. It is like a rock, and no Modi or Bhagwat can mess with it, nor should we allow it. Don’t believe the nonsense spread by the BJP/RSS,

India was ruled by Hindus, Muslims, Sikhs, Jains, Buddhists, Christians, and others. Still to this day, Hindus comprise 80% of the total population and will remain around the same percentage for a long time to come due to the correction of the mistreatment of Dalits and Tribals through our constitution. However, the correction needs to come on a societal level, if not, you will see conversions continue to take place. Thanks to Dr. Ambedkar for uplifting the dignity of Dalits and putting India on the map of civilized nations.

No human wants to be treated anything less, the humiliation Dalits and Tribals have endured is difficult to grasp. the Hindu society (not Hinduism) has mistreated them for thousands of years. At one time, India was probably 100% Hindu, then many of them converted to Buddhism (through Ashoka), Jainism, Christianity, and Islam as they found dignity among those religions.

Rana Ayub wrote, “Your Honour, the constitution invoked in me a pride for the nation, it invoked in me a sense of duty for my own countrymen and the desire to study journalism and to practice it in the way that it chooses the oppressed over the oppressor.” Her op-ed is worth reading and is listed below. and she speaks for me as well, and that is why I spend so much time appealing to the Good Hindus and Good Muslims, as my duty to Ma Bharat.

Good people always speak up when they see things going in the wrong direction. Good Muslims spoke out against Bin Laden, Alqaeda, ISIS, and other gangs and took off the false label on their religion. Good Jews have spoken out against the Apartheid policies of the Israeli government. Good Christians spoke out against the white supremacists.

However, Good Buddhists (Myanmar, Sri Lanka), Good Atheists (China), and Good Hindus have not done their part on a large scale.

Hindus must speak up if not their religion will get a bad name like the religion of terror and that will put all Hindus in the same boat with the Taliban.

In India, there are several good Hindu men and women speaking up, but not enough to build momentum against a ruthless government. In the United States, there is only one organization – Hindus for Human Rights that has taken a bold stance against terrorists from among Hindus.* A handful of individuals have also taken a stand and spoken up.

If the version of Hindu Rashtra is about Manu Smriti – then good Hindus, Intellectual Hindus, Women, Muslims, Dalits, and Christians will continue to feel insecure. Hindu Rashtra may be a temporary situation, as I know Good Hindus will awake, rise and correct the course.

As a good Hindu, have you spoken against what is happening in India? The call for Genocide of Muslims by the Hindu religious leaders, the harassment of Muslim girls on college campuses, imposing what one can eat, preventing small street vendors from selling their products for their livelihood, and bulldozing their homes (over 70) in daylight even against the orders from the Supreme Court.

Hindus have a moral obligation to speak up to save India’s cohesiveness, they are an overwhelming majority in India and they can save or let India go down in the history with bad governance. We believe, even among the indoctrinated Hindus with extremist RSS Ideology, only a fraction of them are terrorizers as were ISIS. We need to pull the potentially good Hindus from the RSS cesspool into the larger fold of Good Hindus. Can we let a few of them decide what the Indian ethos should be?

Each of us wants our motherland to be a safe and secure home for every Indian. The dream of harmony and prosperity in India will return back after mitigating the dangerous RSS ideology. I hope one of these days the community of nations will ask Modi and RSS to renounce violence. Such ideologies have seen their days, Nazis, ISIS, Alqaedas, and now RSS. Once the BJP is weakened by the Good Hindus, our motherland will return to its glory and prosperity. If religion is not on your mind, you would focus on producing goods and services for the common good of all Indians. Everyone will see the achche din (good times). The more people are working the greater the GDP.

Good Hindus, unfortunately, have a cavalier attitude toward what is going on in the nation. As long as no one attacks them, they care less. But if they let this continue, the RSS guys will get them today or tomorrow, and the Hindus will come to regret it once it hurts them and their families.

The country is going down the tube on every economic, political, democratic, pluralistic, and cohesiveness indicator, and those who speak up to save the nation, the Bhakts call them names. The truth is no Indian, no Muslim, Christian, Sikh, Hindu or the other is Anti-Indian, Anti-Hinduism, or Anti-Hindu. It is the propaganda spread by Modi and Shah for political gains and Bhakts swallow it up without a question.

We must consider the following scenario; it is very harsh but possible.

Based on the trends, predictions for dire consequences are real. If Good Hindus remain silent, they will be responsible for harming our motherland, but more importantly themselves. There is a saying by Edmund Burke which is repeated by others something to the effect, Evil exists not because of evil people, but because good people do nothing about it.

The majority of Hindus are still good people. However, the dangerous development is Modi’s fringe has risen to about 25% of the net voters. Thanks to a few Good Hindus for speaking out. You must join them and shut the bad Hindus from taking over the country.

Under the current administration, India is becoming a rogue state, and the future generations of Indians will become ruthless thugs roaming the streets and threatening everyone. No Indian will live in peace if the inept, Modi administration continues to rule.

First, they (BJP/RSS) came for Muslims, then the Christians were targeted, Dalits have always been oppressed and mistreated, and now, they are going after the Sikhs. If the Jains, and Buddhists, believe that no one will touch them, they are wrong. They are next, they were wiped out of power a millennium ago.  

Some of my fellow Indians don’t believe in the dire consequences, and they have been wrong thus far and will continue to be mistaken in times to come. 

Why would Good Hindus regret it?

1. Hinduism will be branded as a religion of terror, a religion that is 5000 years old and gave so much to the world and does not deserve it. Then the good Hindus don’t deserve to be Hindus either. To undo the branding as a religion of terror will take years.

2. The US and other European nations will pass laws restricting the terrorists and racists from among Hindus entering their soil. Unfortunately, Good Hindus will bear the brunt along with the terrorist Hindus. It is a reality, and the Evangelicals will take it up for beating up on Christians.

3. The next generation would destroy India and its trade with other nations, bringing utter poverty to the country that it once witnessed in 1947. The Philippines, Bangladesh, Pakistan, Thailand, and other nations will pick up the slack in the gulf countries if the Arab mobs resort to lynching them in the Middle East and the Hindus start fleeing.

4. KCR, the Telangana Chief Minister said it aptly: Why do the Global corporations invest in India and not Pakistan? His answer was political stability. India will soon face a civil war, causing millions to die in the mayhem; no one will be safe. The Global corporations are aware of India’s political instability, unreliability, and impending Genocide. They will pull out of India, foreign direct investment will dry up causing massive unemployment. The losers will be millions of men and women in the IT sector.

5. Before 2024 approaches, the Muslims and Christians who have endured harassment, lynching, deprivation of their livelihoods, putting up with barging in, and bulldozing their homes will run out of patience. They will resort to violence to defend their families and livelihood. They don’t have any other option.

6. If Jains and Buddhists believe that they are safe, they are wrong. The supremacist ideology had destroyed their flourishing kingdoms once. Whatever wealth they have accumulated now will be gone. They had better speak out and not kiss Modi’s heinie. No one means anything to him, he is all about power and dictating others.

7. Violence won’t be easy to stop. A few Muslims and Christians will not bear the pain anymore and will announce retaliation in self-defense. The question is not how many Muslims and Christians will be dead, but how many Hindus would Modi want dead. I hope the good Hindus will wake up and take the nation’s reins and stop the impending Genocide of fellow Indians. 

* I was able to get Stuart Varney of Fox News to change the phrase from “Muslim Terrorists” to “Terrorists from among Muslims”. Sean Hannity said he will, but did not keep his word. As a result, I have opposed the phrase Hindu Terrorists and wrote extensively to distinguish between Hindutva – a terrorist ideology, and Hinduism and Hindus – a religion of love for fellow humans.

I have been urging good Hindus to speak up and am pleased to share the articles and video links below.

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