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I watched this guy, Sudhir Chaudhry, for the first time. He has a few points but principally speaking for BJP – to pit one Indian against the other to have political gains for the BJP – the Indian political party in governance now.

He says 1.9 Billion Muslims are together, whereas 1 billion Hindus are not. He is wrong on both counts. Of course, his followers believe whatever he says, but he won’t stand if subjected to facts.

He says Muslims are concerned about Muslims elsewhere – aren’t Hindus concerned? HAF takes up the cause of Hindus in Bangladesh, Pakistan, Afghanistan, and other nations. We should be concerned about all life, and I have stood up for every community including Hindus.

Does he say the party is not the same as the government? Who is he talking to?

He cited Ambedkar at the end – Ambedkar talked about different Muslims, not Indian Muslims. I need to read that book to ensure this guy is telling the truth.

Much of the non-sense like Darul Harb and Darul Aman, Ghazwa-e-Hind had penetrated the psyche of a few conservative Muslims, and Maududi flipped Islam from the religion of living in harmony with fellow humans to a religion of politics, power, and ruling others.

The Muslims must reject those non-sensical theories and follow the Quran, the common sense guidance book. No one can go wrong with the Quran. As a Muslim, I leave all the books written by Muslim scholars and stick with the Quran, provided we vigorously debate the meaning of the verses. We should not reduce God to a small person; his words are words of wisdom, and all of us, the 7.5 billion of us, are his creation. He does not discriminate against anyone.

Islam is guidance to live a peaceful life with fellow humans. Islam never meant to rule others. Islam was guidance for us to be exemplary citizens – the Amin. Prophet (pbuh) did not run a theocratic state; it was a pluralistic state, where every religious community lived by the rules of the tribe or their religion. We need to make corrections on our part and not worry about what others say but worry about what God would say.

As a Muslim, the only Islamic book I revere, love, admire and speak about is the Quran – none of the other books matter to me. In Islam, Bukhari is not superior to any one of you, but you admire him for his effort. But his word is not above the Quran. We are all equal.

Every Muslim should know his Quran – you don’t need certification from Al-Azhar or another institution. The prophet said he was leaving this book and suggested reading, understanding, and following to live as an Amin, and exemplary citizen.

Sudhir Chaudhry’s video:

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