Who created Religion – Man or God?

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can be seen from two perspectives; God and Man. I have interviewed and met many
people who were not conditioned with any religion or any versions of God. Both were
alien thoughts to them, however, it helps us see Religion from a different
point of view.
One view
holds that Religion is man’s attempt to understand God and the nature, about
life, death, sickness, incomplete things in life, the love or hate for each
other and where we fit in the scheme of things.
The other
view can be seen as an expression of God’s love for his creation. Creation can
be broadly categorized in to matter and life.

Every piece of matter that has evolved or created is designed to have its own
balance, whether it is Jupiter or the moon or other objects of nature, they
were designed to remain and operate in balance without any interference.

humans were not put on auto pilot like the matter, instead we were given the freedom
and ability to think and find our own balance.
though the creator gave (or evolved out of necessity) the free will to humans,
the goal remained “harmony” or “balance” among humans and its environment. Just
like the mother loves the well being of her children, teacher wants every
student to excel, a chef wants every patron to enjoy his or her food, and the
creator wants every one of us to live in peace and harmony. 

It was this love of God that he chose to restore trust in the society through
peace makers, prophets or messengers to give us guidance, in the form of religion,
wisdom or tradition so we can live in the “Kingdom of heaven” where no human
has to live in apprehension, anxiety, discomfort or the fear.

These thought are derivatives from Bhagvad Gita, Bible and Quraan.

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