Amir Khan's powerful message on Mother's day

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My apologies to my friends,  this program is in Urdu/Hindi, I really wish  it were in English, or in English subtitles. Amir Khan makes me proud of my  India.

I urge all men and women who understand the language  to make the time to watch this. It is one hour show by Amir Khan  I have cried, yes, I have and you will too and value your genuine feelings about what is going on in India. At the end there is  mega hope…. The language of the film is “us, among us” and rarely them and they.  Indeed, it is the first of the 7 goals we have set at America Together Foundation.

Thanks Amir for keeping me alive with my activism. There is hope –I reaffirm my work in Pluralism and building cohesive societies, where no human has to live in fear of the  other. Female foeticide is a serious problem in India, female babies are being aborted endlessly.

The statements Amir makes was made by a Native American Chief.  If this program does not move you, I don’t know what will move you.

Watch this 1 hours vide, it is worth your time and emotions.

My friend Hasni shared this translation work

I watched Amir Khan’s powerful message in Hindi and
enjoyed it immensely.
Those who watched and had difficulty in understanding in
Hindi here’s the
translation in English depicting
Amir’s presentation by Prof.Shubha Tiwari
in two parts.
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Satyameva Jayate: A Truly
Cathartic Experience

by Prof. Shubha Tiwari
the whole of India, I was also waiting for Mr. Perfectionist’s date with
destiny. It really turned out to be a date with destiny. The show was very
touching and very moving. I freely wept. But it would be apt to go about looking
at the show analytically.
basic thesis of the show is simple. We are responsible for our condition.
Pointing fingers won’t do. The show is clinically non-partisan and that’s the
best thing about it. Taking political sides erodes credibility. Everyone’s
clever these days. People immediately know ‘whose channel it is’ or ‘whose show
it is’. So, the best part was the apolitical flavor of the show. It was ‘we,
the pe
ople’ thinking and talking about ‘we, the people’.
no denying the fact that perils of India root out of the people of India. People
get what they deserve. We get the kind of governance, the kind of civic
amenities that we deserve. No system works if the quality of people is poor. Any
effort at improving things has to begin at improving the people, enlightening
and educating the people. This is what the show is all about.
Why do people want a son
so desperately that they behave like hardened criminals? What are the factors
which propel this behavioral pattern?
past, the beginning of female feticide in India, the victims, the cruelty
involved, the role of doctors, the whistle blowers and their plight, the social
scenario resulting from female feticide, the solution to the problem, the
exemplary work in Navashahar, and finally a touching, melodious song – wow! The
show was perfect. The research involved, the meticulous planning, the hard work
and the commitment – it was all showing. There were no hidden identities. The
victims came out in the open. The journalists, the doctors, the lawyers – all
came out in the open. Even the cute girls who survived all attempts to be
butchered came and sat. Human life is precious; it is to be treated with dignity
– that was the message.
lady had all her face animally eaten up by her husband because she failed to
produce sons for him. Another lady had six horrible experiences of forced and
deceitful abortions in as many years. One lady doctor narrated her experience
where the caring cot of the baby girl was pushed down stairs by the
mother-in-law in order to get rid of the girl. Horror tales in educated,
high-class India! Then came the poor journalists who had first exposed female
feticide in media. Eight years down the line- they are knotted in legal battle
across the state of Rajasthan. Not a single doctor has been punished so far. To
torture the whistle blowers, the cases have been shifted to different parts of
the state. They keep going from place to place, risking their safety. Even
arrest warrants are issued for those who exposed the evil practice. But the
doctors who were involved in the crime are still practicing and flourishing.
do not end here. It could not have become more ironical for India’s religiosity
when we were told that doctors use code words ‘Jai Mata di’ for female
fetus and ‘Krishan Kanhaiya’ for male ones. We are killing our girls
unabated. The myth that uneducated people kill their daughters was broken as it
is more of an urban-educated class phenomenon.
show went on to show the army of unmarried men in a village; there are no girls
left to marry them. The girls have been killed in the womb. The long term impact
of this heinous practice, furtherance of exploitation of women through this
practice, sale and purchase of women for procreation purposes etc were brought
to light.
best part of the show was its positive attitude. The good work of district
administration and the people of Navashahar, Haryana was hailed. Bharati, a
young and poor mother gave the message simply, ‘We love our daughter. Next time,
whatever, God will give, we’ll be happy to receive.’
concept of ‘Satyameva Jayate’ is very original and effective. The concept has
found a perfect executioner in Amir Khan. As a teacher, I’m tempted to suggest
that a word could have been dropped about the deep psychological, mythological
and patriarchal knots that compel the collective consciousness of India to be so
heavily tilted towards the son. It’s a legitimate question – why do people want
a son so desperately that they behave like hardened criminals? What are the
factors which propel this behavioral pattern? Patriarchy, the family name, the
concept of honor being inseparably associated with the female body,
discrimination in institutions and work place, dowry, dangers and insecurity are
reasons that tame the Indian psyche.
it was a thought-provoking show. All the injustices of the years gone by, the
pain of mothers, grand-mothers, aunts and neighbors came and choked the throat.
The episode evoked that kind of a response. Hats off to the master craftsman and
the sensitive soul that Amir is! It was a well-researched and well written
research paper.

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If you are committed or want to commit to serve America, India, or whatever nation you are in, and are serious about it, let’s work together on the documentary. I need script writers and screen play writers for the documentary. 
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