Trust, Democrats and Republicans.

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A cursory look at the squabbles within the Republican and Democratic parties on the issue of trust is worth pondering and I hope the media commissions a study on the topic. To a majority of Americans, a good American is a good American, what do the Republicans and Democrats think about it?


The Democrats would have no problems in nominating a presidential candidate who is Catholic, African American, Native American, Jewish, Hindu, Muslim, Woman, Gay or a Lesbian or anyone who is good for America. Democrats’ feel secure about themselves and trust the person based on his or her record.


Republicans would have problems in nominating a Presidential candidate who is a catholic, African American, Native American, Jewish, Hindu, Muslim, Gay or a Lesbian or anyone else. The candidate has to have the support from a evangelicals; a few of them are are too insecure to trust anyone other than themselves. Facts don’t matter to them, it did not to President Bush.

They have trusted Colin Powell, Condi Rice and Sarah Palin to a greater degree. However Powel had to lie the story at UN and resign as he could not fabricate any more. I am not sure about Rice. Romney will not make it, the right wing bias stand in his path.  I hope studies  will be conducted to authenticate or falsify the Republican bias.

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