Tornadoes Hit Dallas/ Fort Worth

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Video and photo links included below

Let’s reflect for a moment, whether a tornadoes rips through the town, or a flood or an earth quake devastates lives. We do not have time to escape from it. Life becomes so precarious – its here now gone in the next moment leaving behind devastation.

Let’s reflect and thank the advancement we have made in foreseeing the calamities and warning people to save as many lives as we can. Thank God, we are able to do that in the United States.
Thank God, no life is lost, but the damage is quite extensive.
The last time tornado hit Dallas was in 1983-84,  a KFC store went up in the air near Elam and LBJ intersection in Balch Springs Texas, it happened a few hours after I had passed through there. I was driving from Arlington towards Mesquite….Again, I was there two days ago on Sunday, the new KFC was still there… that year was the first year they had introduced the Chicken Nuggets and had eaten there two hours before it was gone.
Thank God we are safe and pray for the safety of every one around us and around the world,
This video has captured the big truck flying in the air
Another one

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