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Sunday, April 1, 2010 – I am blessed to have been a part of every religious group from Aztec to Zoroastrians and every one in between including the native tradition. I connect with every one of the humanity.  I was at Rev. Jimmy Clark’s Church in Balch Springs, Texas to share the message of unity which is embedded in every religious tradition, our constitution, and in the wisdom of MLK and Native Americans.

If you can tune in with God, meaning if you can see the world from God’s view point. Regardless of how one messes or builds up his creation, he (she or it) loves them all.

There is a narration of Prophet Sulaiman, to whom God gave the responsibility to feed all of God’s creation for a day. Sulaiman did not like a sinner and withdrew the food from him; God stepped right back in and took that authority from Sulaiman – making a point that God Almighty is Rahman and Raheem and we have to be like him – too big and not petty.
The African American Churches are amazing to attend; they are full of life and enthusiasm and have been open to the message of Pluralism. I talk at four of the Churches in Dallas and looks like I will be doing more. The next place I am planning to speak is the Imani Temple in Washington DC right on constitution Avenue.  Pastor Augustine Stallings runs this independent Catholic Church, he is an amazing speaker, and was excited with my address at Chicago Bible conference to 800 people.
There is devotion, there is a love for the creator and the creation in all acts of worship, whether one bows, kneels, prostrates or closes his or her eyes. It is beautiful.
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