Three most dangerous Presidents in America on Day one

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Cruz, Rubio and Trump are the three most dangerous men whom America has ever given birth to, and they are set to ruin the American economy and the American way of life.

On Day #1 – they want to repeal Obama care. Forget their hatred for the President, but look at their political meanness to deprive 22 Million Americans of their health insurance. Many of those Americans may be facing life threatening ailments, when they repeal Obama-care on Day # 1, a number of them may die for lack of access to the necessary health care. Does life of Americans matter to them?

For the first time in American history, the U.S. Government has put the money to right use, to care for Americans rather than blow it on destroying other nations like Iraq and Afghanistan. For the first time pre-existing conditions were covered by health insurance, it is important to know that many American lives have been saved and will continue to be saved.  These three men care less about ordinary Americans. While they can afford to buy any insurance, the average Americans living from pay check to pay check cannot.

Our country needs a strong defense system to fight off external aggressions as well as internal health aggressions. The three should be grateful to Obama for having implemented the measures and means of paving the way for a healthier America and saving American lives.

Furthermore, on Day #1 – they also want to tear up the Iran deal.  That would certainly appease Netanyahu, but completely disregards the long term security of Israel, and as a consequence it would free Iran to pursue the Nuclear Weapons program which brings uncertainty and instability to the region. President Obama has removed a potential threat to Israel with this deal; and the American Jews have the wisdom to recognize this and support it.

President Carter, the architect and the facilitator of a permanent Peace Treaty between Israel and its onetime arch enemy Egypt brought relief, after that Israel had one less enemy to worry and thus saved tension, tanks and lives.   I am sure the thoughtful American Jewry will express their gratitude to President Carter. Indeed, Israel should install a statue of President Carter at the Ben Gurion Airport to express their gratitude to him.

President Clinton on the other hand took out another enemy on the east; Jordan, and President Obama has given the iron dome to Israel and has removed another enemy; Iran.

Tearing up the Iran Deal would be one of the gravest blunders in the US Foreign policy. It would amount to recklessly rejecting Iran’s partnership treaty with Russia, China, UK, Germany, France and the United States.  How do you build coalitions if you are disrespectful to nations that work with us on common goals of reducing conflicts and focusing on economic development?  If we mess with this deal; Iran is likely to become another Rogue Nuclear nation like North Korea and pose a direct and greater threat to Israel.

For the first time in fifty years, a U.S., President has done the right thing, a conservative thing to develop and implement a foreign policy based on friendship and treaties rather than animosity and hostilities.

We may destroy Iran, but we will also destroy ourselves much more.  Gas prices will go up for millions of servicemen/repairmen to make service calls, as it happened towards the end of the Bush era. Small businesses will fold, divorces will become routine, home foreclosures will be back, loss of lives of our men and women, and a few more trillion dollars of deficit will be added to our budget.

Why is little Rubio screaming in every sentence to save our ally Israel? Israel does not need friends like him who will ruin their long term security. Israel needs prudent, wise and visionaries like Obama, Clinton and Carter who will bring long term peace and security to them by turning enemies into friends and partners in peace and cooperation.

The things Rubio has been clinging on to are repeal Obama-care, tearing up the Iran Deal and supporting Israel’s paranoia.

Every sentence he utters is about supporting Israel, and I am sure Trump supporters resent that, because they want America first and not Israel.  Rubio’s non-sensual rhetoric may increase Anti-Semitism in the form of resentment. He and Cruz are not good for Israel’s security but also to those five nations (Russia, China, UK, France and Germany) whose nuclear contracts with Iran they plan to trash, and it amounts to spitting in their faces.  The costs of the idiotic behavior of Rubio will be borne by the average American. He does not give a crap about the 22 Million Americans’ health care or our economy. He has a serious character flaw.

Ted Cruz, the blood thirsty war monger will carpet bomb other nations like Bush did,  and he will add a few more trillion dollars of deficit to the budget, and shoot the unemployment rate through the roof to go up to 12%, more divorces will follow, home foreclosures will rise, and businesses will start closing down.  Yes, Cruz does not want to care what happens to America. He and some of his macho men may draw sadistic pleasure from destroying other nations, but we the people do not want destruction, for which we end up paying again.

Furthermore, Cruz has been disrespectful towards the Supreme Court Justices and their decisions.  Is he above the law to use such vulgar language about them?  He does not seem care, he would let our government shut down and ruin our credit ratings, and he does not give a rat’s ass about the 22 Million Americans’ health care either. Voting for Cruz is regressing to the big bad times of Bush Administration.

Trump will turn his back on nuclear Non-proliferation Deals and peace negotiations just to advance his own agenda, and not necessarily what is good for America. Foreign leaders are not his employees whom he fire at his whim; instead they will turn around and tell him to take a hike. The Muslim nations, some 56 of them would not want to be humiliated by these men and will turn to Russia or the UK to purchase their military hardware. Who will be the losers? The men and women employed in our export and defense industry. That is a large number of people and it may hurt our economy severely.  These three men, Rubio, Cruz and Trump are wrecking balls, and we will be screwed on Day # 1 if we were to elect them as our President.

These three men, Rubio, Cruz and Trump are wrecking balls, and we will be screwed on Day # 1 if we were to elect them as our President. It is time to redefine conservatism; none of the three loose mouths are conservatives in my books.

Dr. Mike Ghouse is a community consultant, social scientist, thinker, writer, news maker, and a speaker on PluralismInterfaithIslampoliticsterrorism, human rights, India, Israel-Palestine and foreign policy. He is committed to building cohesive societies and offers pluralistic solutions on issues of the day. Visit his\ 63 links at

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