Republican Party will not be the same

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Presidents do change the character of the party. Bill Clinton brought the Democratic Party to the center; Obama took it a tad to the left. Bush took further to the right, and now Trump will bring it ‘towards’ the center. Most Republicans are conformists and are willing to surrender their freedom for the party, and when an Authoritarian like Trump is at the helm of affairs, all will start bowing to him, one by one. It was embarrassing to watch Chris Christie kiss ass Trump, and others will follow the suit.
Trump said that he will work with Paul Ryan, the speaker of the house, but if he is not willing he is going to pay a price, a heavy price. This is how Trump will make others kneel to him and of course, the Republicans will do that, they love authority figures.
Trump will change the character of the Republican Party. More about Trump in an article “The rise of American Authoritarianism,”
Relax, no need to be tense, Hillary Clinton will be the 45th President of the United States of America, and not Trump and she will set the country on a moderate course, which is reflective of most Americans.
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