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Texas Faith : : When is a city ban on feeding the poor an infringement on religious liberty?

Dallas Morning News, Interfaith Speaker, Muslim Speaker Mike Ghouse, Pluralism Speaker, religious violence, Rudy Bush, Wayne Slater,  Homeless ban, Feeding the homeless, TEXAS FAITH The mayor of Fort Lauderdale is assuming that the homeless are not… Read more »

Texas Faith: How should we incorporate faith into a secular political world?

True Secularism or true religious government is not about forcing others into obedience, but facilitating freedom to live his or her life as one chooses. However, the radicals in all… Read more »

Texas Faith – Religious liberty vs equal rights in Houston. Is it ever right to subpoena religious sermons?

Let me throw in the monkey’s wrench here, what if a Mosque was delivering sermons that cause disturbance in the society, should the Mosque hide behind First Amendment and not… Read more »

Texas Faith – What does the decision by Southwestern Baptist to accept a Muslim student say about how one faith can reach out to another?

SHOULD BAPTIST SEMINARY ADMIT A MUSLIM STUDENT ?? God emphasized in Quran to “know each other”, and those who make that effort; he callled them the noblest. Jesus called them… Read more »