Super Pacs are a bane on politics

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Super pacs are an anathema to democracy and our way of life. A few with money can buy their influence with sound bites and mis-information. Your single vote will not mean anything anymore; many of us will be deprived of listening to the candidates first hand and making your own decisions.

 We have committed blunders upon blunders in ruining our economy, banking and politics through deregulations. There is no accountability to the public or public funds; we need to regulate all those acts that affect the public severely like Banking, financing, mortgage and Super Pac’s. We need to banish this evil.
Until we see Obama Super Pac’s rip Romney apart, we will not realize the evil of this monster.  Who are the losers? Of course, it is the American public.  Obviously, it is the Radio and Television media who has everything to gain with the bumper income.

Because of the lawlessness of deregulation, we are losing some great candidates out there who may have personal flaws but could be the best governors and president. They don’t want to be in the fray and spend the time in defending their personal lives rather than working for the country.

As a nation we need to seriously think about qualifying the candidates and relaxing the inquisition to allow great candidates to run our nation.   
The rich need to realize that they will not make the money if the consumers aren’t there to spend.
 Mike Ghouse committed to a cohesive America.  

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