South Carolina Republican Debate

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Romney could have nailed Gingrich, when Gingrich suggested Romney to tell his super Pac to cut the ads, Romney went through a series of questions – and Gingrich said it was illegal to tell the pacs… then Romney should have asked – are you telling me to do the illegal thing? Instead the gentleman suggested you and I are in the same boat – If Gingrich was on the other side, he would have buried Romney. You should have seen the relief on Gingrich’s face for not getting slaughtered. Gingrich was vulnerable and Romney either missed it or he was too much of a gentleman.
Romney is still ahead. He sticks to the topic and does not jump to deliver cheap applause lines like Gingrich.

Gingrich delivers applause lines, no substance. Audiences are conditioned to boo or clap – and not to think.  Gingrich demeans the unemployed that they can find a job – where are jobs?

Paul always makes sense; he could be forceful and gain the support.
Santorum was good, but like Gingrich, he demeaning the people who don’t have a job, as if they are lazy or dumb.

Perry- was good in a few instances, but an embarrassment, get the hell out of the race man.
An hour into the conversation – Both Gingrich and Romney were saying; wherever you find the enemies find and kill them. Interesting dialogue!
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