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More and more Hindus are speaking up; as I mentioned yesterday, I have received calls from a few Hindus, Christians, and Muslims. It appears that they were waiting for the Dept of State to speak up, for them to open up as if they were waiting for their permission to be righteous.

You’ll find the poem linked below to reflect the common-sense view of most Indians, even if they are silent. The other day, Dr. Abdullah and Dr. Zafar Iqbal were in the Hindu Temple in Maryland to enjoy the Hasiya Kavi Sammelan program. I am a life member of the Antra Rashtriya Hindi Samiti – that is the International Hindi committee, it appears that they have misplaced my name.

Occasionally, the poets took a dig at Modi – that was not the good news; it was the claps that came from the audience – that gave hope. Of course, only 22% of the net Hindu population subscribes to the extremists Hindu ideology, the majority like any majority usually are not loaded with hatred for others.

All the Indian Muslims and Christians have to do is strengthen our relationships with the 78%. Muslims need to be assertively a part of everything about India’s social, civil, and political life. If we need to bitch, we need to bitch at ourselves for not being a part of society. We went there to be a part of the Indian diaspora that enjoys Hindi and Urdu Poetry. It was good to see the openness there, the program MC spoke in Urdu, which is also a common man’s Hindi. One of the poets was introduced with a comment to enjoy her poetry in Urdu, and she did well with that.

The Indian Muslims are making a lot of effort to restore the lost relationships we had with fellow Indians who are Hindus. Aligarh Alumni does very well in that field. Razi Raziuddin’s weekly program on diaspora is a good example to bring Indians Together. I had organized many programs with a specific purpose of coming together so we all can see eye to eye, which was lost since Modi came into power. We have another group called Indians together and you are welcome to join our WhatsApp group, Indians Together – we are Hindus, Dalits, Muslims, Christians, Sikhs, and Jains. We hope to have Buddhists and others that will make complete Indian representation. We all have done well being civil in the group.

It is not easy to hear about the destruction of our motherland in every aspect of society, economy, jobs, the standard of living, democracy, religious freedom, and human rights. Some of us who lack empathy run away from it, but imagine those who are being lynched, prevented from going to school because they wear a Hijab, that they have worn for over 1000 years. If they can endure the harassment and lynching, and the call for genocide by the religious fanatics among Hindus, we can at least learn about it and not run from it.

No Hindus should be shy about what the extremists do, it is not them. The Muslims have learned that ISIS and Alqaeda do not represent them and don’t need to apologize. The same goes with the Hindus, they don’t need to be embarrassed about what the extremists Hindus do, instead, they should condemn their acts.

Can I appeal to Muslims and Christians to have your presence and re-build a gradual relationship with Hindus? In the end, the safety of all comes from knowing each other. Quran has one of the most potent verses for building cohesive societies, 49:13. Maybe I need to do a zoom meeting on just his one verse.

While I was surfing Facebook, I came across the following video and I loved it. It reflects the views of a majority of Indians and I have written a similar poem on the subject of adharma in India.

Enjoy this poem – the picture with the Karuna Charities band on it is the one with the poem. https://www.facebook.com/1633374839/videos/pcb.2548168641984177/560468775598598

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