Saudi Arabia, don’t F*** with Americans

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SAUDI ARABIA, don’t F*** with Americans

Prick Salman, the conman can con Trump and Kushner, but not Americans, we the people are defenders of freedom of speech and free will. It is not only an American value as much as an Islamic value. You messed it up and you are going to pay a price for it.

If the White House and Congress failed us, our Media will not. They remain the ultimate defender of life, liberty, and the pursuit of happiness besides our Supreme Court.

I am proud of America, we the people value life and will defend our citizens! Thanks to everyone for standing up against prick Salman, the murderer of a fellow American.

I don’t expect our corrupt President to do anything but apologize, but thanks to our Media for defending Americans.

The Conman Prick Salman conned everyone in the white house and fox media, and he knew the red meat for Americans was reforms – bullshit reforms, it was red meat to swindle Americans and gain their support to beef up his criminal behavior.

He wanted to be the Deputy Sheriff in the Middle East and to frighten them, he killed thousands of children in Yemen and now is F******g with Americans by killing Khashoggi.

I hope the King of Saudi Arabia and the people of Saudia Arabia are sick enough to dethrone this guy, he is messing with their lives and the lives of others.

Prick Salman is a danger to the middle east and will screw up Saudi’s stable government creating chaos. He needs to be dethroned, and apply the law of Saudi Arabia – murder for murder, once it is conclusively proven, he is the criminal.

We the people are also ashamed of George Bush for causing deaths of over half a million, and we are ashamed of Corrupt Trump for compromising principles for his benefit.

Please vote out all the creeps that don’t stand for American Principle of liberty. Anyone, Republican or a Democrat.
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